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“Rosemary, you are a life saver. I cant thank you enough for the readings you have given me over the years. I can honestly you are the best, thank you ....

Rachel.... UK.... August 2016....

Just one of the many testimonials Rosemary Price receives every day from joyous clients ! Showing that accurate web psychic tarot card readings can be helpful, truthful and insightful. Get your web tarot cards reading, predictions and solutions from her with accurate psychic readings now !”

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For the best accurate web clairvoyant psychic medium readings online consult Rosemary Price the tried, tested, experienced and celebrated tarot card reader.

Let me enlighten you and solve your problems or heartaches with accurate web psychic phone readings, spiritual consultations and fortune telling using the wonderful knowledge you need to hear about your new, interesting and more exciting tomorrow. Whether you need 121 live predictions, answers, solutions or guidance through a serious reading let me give those to you. Forget ordinary, average and fake mediums, tarot cards and psychics. I am very affordable.

I am a fifth generation gifted and developed spiritualist, clairvoyant and the psychic medium offering over forty years of experience. You can have an accurate psychic reading live in depth face to face in UK oracle, angel or tarot cards and crystal ball consultations by me on the web or face to face with me in the UK or face to face or substitute it with a combination of many other psychic readings I offer. As I have been tested by the Press, acknowledged experts in the field and a leading spiritual society you can be sure that my accurate psychic readings are good. I offer the best private, confidential and personal service providing excellent helpful relationship and love psychic email readings online Worldwide just for you and those you love and care for.  To many I am the only and best clairvoyant online worth bothering with for web tarot.

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At a young age it bothered me that so many people were claiming to be psychic, yet few of them had any proof that they were authentic and able to do a worthwhile web tarot psychic email reading online. Some of them were meaning well and glory seeking or wanting to feel useful and others were fakes who were short of money and trying it on. There were - and still are - no legally compulsory tests to help potential clients tell one from the other!

People have to pass a driving test before they are allowed to drive someone down the road, and there are tests for many other things where someone would be responsible for another's welfare, doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeons, therapists and counsellors cannot set up shop without proving themselves yet psychics can. I also thought it odd that if I mentioned this to these clairvoyants and mediums they would tell me that they do not need to prove it because they know they are good! How arrogant! And how can they be sure? But there are professional bodies which are there which these spiritualists and readers can offer themselves to be tested at. And this is what I did, passing all of their web tarot tests with flying colours.


Did you know that most clairvoyants refuse to take these tests or they take them and fail them and then carry on regardless, which is showing contempt, stupidity or lack of responsibility towards their clients. Supposing you have a psychic email reading from someone like this and they get it all wrong but you have believed what they have told you and you have acted upon it?

It bothered me so much that I had to be sure I was authentic that I offered myself to be tested by journalists for local and national newspapers and magazines too, and my web tarot service passed all of their tests as well. If I had failed any of the tests I would have stepped down and stopped kidding myself that I can help people this way.

BEST Accurate psychic readings WITH AN ONLINE CLAIRVOYANT

Over my forty years plus of helping people Worldwide I have received a lot of positive feedback from other professionals, experts in this field, the Press and thousands of clients. They tell me how much better they are feeling after having an accurate psychic reading online via email or phone with me, a specialist at reading tarot cards.

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Some of the very serious clients travel from the Isle of Wight, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and far away counties and cities such as Surrey, Yorkshire or Manchester just to see me. They are happy to travel all the way to my office - see me for their live relationship psychic tarot card or crystal ball reading - and then return home, and would do this regularly rather than make do with someone who is much nearer to them.

Because I refuse to be linked to or work with agencies, call centres, premium rate lines (believe me I have had many offers to and could have made a lot of money from it) you know that the quality of my work is always exceptionally high. When you book a consultation with me you always get me, whether the consultation is written or spoken, so you will not have to wonder who it is you will be getting help from and whether they are as good or as bad as the last one you tried and maybe regretted. I work alone because you deserve to hear the truth, hear things as they are, not some fairy story where a fake tells you what you want to hear, only for you to realise months or so later it was untrue and your hopes are dashed. Get a very personal and private, totally confidential. The best psychic email reading that really helps and is done with passion and care.

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As I am a web clairvoyant psychic medium offering the very best web tarot card and crystal ball consultations you can have your very best service from wherever you may be, distance is no object. Many of my regular clients are in Australia, USA and Canada despite the fact that I am on the other side of the World in the UK. So long as they have a phone and/or a computer they can be in touch with me easily and quickly. Because I work alone you can be confident it is always me that you receive help from, not some junior or less experienced or unknown person.

I am in the UK and offer spiritual and cheap online email cards readings in Essex and the UK but also Worldwide as I work by email and phone. Benefit from helpful online email sessions which are affordable throughout the world. I would not have lasted for more than 40 years unless I was genuinely a specialist. Forget ordinary, fake and bad psychics and mediums who claim to be reading tarot cards.

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A best cheap accurate psychic email reading with me is one you are happy with and want to return to again. An accurate psychic phone reading with me is one which answers your questions and gives you the contentment you need. My cheap phone readings are superb and this is why people from all over the world would rather come to me for them than make do with a local person they can go to see.

You can consult me for the same price or less than many inexperienced, unqualified, untested clairvoyants and psychic mediums charge, so you can hardly claim I am expensive. Helpful and reliable relationship and love clairvoyant readings online. An expert at reading tarot cards.