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A Love Affair

A love affair can be painful. It depends on which side of the three part triangle you are on. The married man who has kept his wife in the dark but who has a secret girlfriend is the luckiest of the tree, he enjoys many benefits of having two people want him, but the wife and the girlfriend are often being short changed, lied to and used. A good way to know what is what is to get a  psychic medium, clairvoyant psychic, tarot card, oracle card, palmistry, numerology, astrology, cleromancy, gnothology or acrophonology consultation  with a leading expert clairvoyant psychic reader. Make sure that it is an accurate psychic reading online not just a one fit for entertainment and certainly not one of those that you get when you go to see someone at a fair or on the pier or at a party, where the whole idea of it is to be laughing and smiling rather than knowing the truth.

A love affair can end happily, it can end in a very sad and miserable way and it often does. The happy ones tend to be between two single people who are being honest with each other, the sad ones are often with a married man sneaking around and lying to a wife and a girlfriend,  both of those women tend to lose out big time.  More to read all about adultery,  a love letter, 

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