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Email Readings

Booking an email reading with Rosemary Price

You can choose to have your reading done by Rosemary Price, the famous experienced, leading psychic clairvoyant OR one of her excellent team. Rosemary Price specialises in relationships, marriage, love, romance etc.

There is a vast choice...

It is important that you make sure you book the reading which is best for your needs... Rosemary and her team are unable to help you choose which is best as they do not know you or your needs.

Choose carefully as you cannot cancel or alter your choice afterwards.  It is up to you to read the details carefully before you book and write to us with a query if you are unsure of something. Email readings work very well if you are realistic and choose the right one for your needs.In some cases people see that an email / written psychic  reading takes up to 5 working days and that they can pay extra to queue jump and have it done quicker and then write and book it on those terms  -  booking with us means you accept our terms - they are not negotiable -  but then they write and say look I am fed up, if you do not do my clairvoyant reading urgently / now / today I want my money back. Despite the fact that they know they cannot cancel and they read that it would take up to five working days and they had the option of paying extra  to rush it. This is the same as saying that they are changing the terms and conditions agreed to without our consent. The terms were UP TO FIVE DAYS, UNLESS YOU PAY EXTRA. And they agreed to it, so they must then wait as they agreed to.  Trying to insist that we alter the terms to suit is unfair to other clients and unfair to us.

Please remember that if you want the reading rushed urgently you pay the extra when you order it, you cannot demand it is rushed later or without that payment. If you have already waited a few days you might as well simply wait as you will get it very soon anyway.

Be realistic !  We sometimes get people choosing a very cheap quick 100 word reading yet expecting Rosemary to spend hours and hours on it answering loads of questions !  IF you want something which is very detailed and in depth and time consuming have a long reading and maybe add something like face photos or numerology to the mix. If you wish to add this, to make it more in depth, you must do it when you book the email reading.   So please be realistic about how much you can ask Rosemary about. If it is a short 100 word reply you are paying for she will not be spending anywhere near as much time on it as she would for a longer reading which costs more. Likewise, you are bound to be happier with a reading from the famous, very experienced Rosemary Price than one of her team even though they are good and popular.

Remember too that Rosemary works by giving insight, answers when she can, guidance etc not black and white predictions, she is not a fortune teller and she refuses to get involved in that.  Will such and such a person do this or that are not realistic questions if the outcome depends on what you yourself will do and say in the nearer future.

If you are adding face photos to the mix then pay for that extra and then send the face photos to our usual email address at  MAKING  SURE THAT YOU MARK THEM AS PER YOUR READING WITH YOUR NAME ETC. So that we can match them easily and quickly.

If you are adding numerology give us the dates of birth or whatever it is you are adding to that same email address.

Please make sure that our mails to you, especially the actual reading, does not end up deleted or in your spam folder because of your settings! We will send you your email reading as soon as we can and if it is returned to us we will try again soon after but if we are unable to forward it we have to wait until you email us asking us for it.  It is not possible for us to contact you via pay pal.  So we may well have to wait until you write to us through pay pal.  It would be a shame if we try our best to do the work for you asap and then it is held up because of that.

A copy of each completed email is sent to paypal together with a copy of the order you placed so they can see that you only ordered 100 words or whatever and see we have completed the order fully. Paypal often pursue people for fraud and time wasting if they complain that they did not receive their order when this is not true.

Please do not write to us telling us that you desperately need a reading but cannot afford it. We get hundreds of these each week, it costs us a lot of money to pay staff to sit and read them and we will not pay staff to reply to them too. It is quite unfair on psychics to expect them to work for free, and in the case of a reputable full time professional with an office, staff and website you are asking them to work for you not only free but at their own expense!  If you cannot afford a reading now then do what others do - learn how to do your own readings,  go to an amateur who does it as a hobby unpaid, wait to see how the future unfolds.  Nobody needs readings, we need air, food, heat but we do not need predictions, answers and advice. Many go through the whole of their lives never getting a reading or wanting one and do very well without them. They are a luxury. Those who do need them but are struggling to pay for them save up, or get a little part time job to pay for them just as psychics and their office staff do when they want luxuries.

One you have received your psychic email reading our work is done. If you want to hear from the psychic  or a different psychic (again) then you need to book another consultation. One reason why it is best to make sure that you book a reading which is in depth and long enough for your needs the first time if you can. It can often work out cheaper and quicker to get an in depth reading which is long enough the first time rather than  trying to save money on a cheaper reading and then having to return for the rest.

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