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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions...

How long do consultations take?

It depends on what you order and whether or not you pay extra to jump to the top of the queue. The page you are ordering from should tell you - i.e. it does say on the email reading page that email psychic readings take up to five working days but you can speed that up and make it much quicker if you pay extra. 

When booking you have a choice. You can simply order your choice of email psychic reading and pay the normal price and then wait up to five working days (working days do not include weekends or bank holidays), though you often receive it after three days  OR you can pay extra to  speed it up, jump to the top of the queue and have it done within twenty four working hours. That means that if we receive your order at 10 am on a monday morning and it is a working day and not a bank holiday you will receive the consultation by 10 am the following morning on the tuesday.  If we receive it on a friday evening and it is a normal working week you would get it by monday evening.  If we receive it on a friday evening and it is a bank holiday it would take a day or two longer etc. 

If you have paid using one of those online cheques that needs to clear first then it will take up to five working days (UNLESS YOU PAY TO SPEED IT UP) as from when the cheque clears.  We find that these cheques usually take three working days, so that would mean up to eight working days if this is the case. The psychic will not start to work on it until then. You can check your paypal account at any time and see instantly if it has cleared. This would be a lot quicker than writing to us and waiting until someone here has time to check it for you and email you.

How do I know that I can trust Rosemary Price?

You know that because unlike many of the people advertising online she is very experienced, very well qualified, tried, tested and trusted by people who matter and uses pay pal for payments. Many amateurs cannot get a bank or pay pal to accept them as a trader, they are not bona fide enough.  They will ask to send them money or pay into their bank account. It is the same with so called clairvoyants who offer to meet you somewhere or come to your home to sit for you.  Most of this is because they do not have facilities such as a credit card system or pay pal they can use, the way established known trusted clairvoyants have. 

You also know that Rosemary Price is not one of those "clairvoyants" who set up because they cannot get a proper job or are short of money.  Most of the others out there fall linto one of these two categories. They are the ones who have ulterior motives and are probably not trustworthy. 

Rosemary Price has a lot of likes on Facebook and Twitter and is one of the main writers for the very popular, leading website Quora.

I have read some bad reviews about Rosemary Price? Does this mean I should worry?

Most psychics have had bad reviews.  Anyone in any profession or business will have accumulated some,  especially if they work full time and especially if they have been around for a long time. It would be amazing if someone had been around as a full time professional for more than forty years and nobody had found fault.  But look carefully at those reviews.  We had a client of ours - one of our regulars of many years - bring our attention to a website that had some bad reviews recently.  

In one case a lady complained she had come to see Rosemary and Rosemary was very rude to her.  Rosemary never sees clients face to face.We would never have given anyone an appointment for such a thing.  And she would never have met this lady or spoken to her, so it makes no sense.

In another it said that Rosemary's staff were rude to her when she rung for details We never answer the phone unless someone has booked and paid for a telephone psychic reading. We are too busy to answer it just to give out information like prices,  that is all on the website anyway, so it would be pointless. And with so many readings to choose from the phone call could go on for hours!  Whoever wrote that had never spoken to those staff as she claimed.

You should also be suspicious if they do not give their name and details - it is easy to have a pop at someone from a distance anonymously with no proof. If they were to make the same claims with their details they could be sued for libel and have to pay costs, so they keep quiet about who they are. There have been cases of people who go on sites like Trip Advisor and make a habit of writing up awful reviews of different services and professions and somehow get a kick out of it, it makes them feel important and listened to.  Yet most of what they say is twisted, made up, imagined or exaggerated.

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We can only assume it is jealous rival clairvoyants who post these things in an effort to discredit Rosemary hoping to gain clients through it.  Or people who have tried to mess us around, i.e. we know that sometimes we get emails  from people nagging us to make sure that Rosemary does a free clairvoyant reading for them. Or nagging to have a much longer reading than they paid for.  Or nagging for it to be done much quicker than they paid for.  In which cases it is very unfair to find fault. That is a bit like going into McDonalds and ordering a tiny burger and then complaining and finding fault because you only got a tiny burger and not the huge half pounder with cheese and fries instead. 

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