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Unwinding and Relaxing After a Hard Day

happinessIt is not always easy to find a way to unwind and Relax After a hard day, especially for an empath who is a clairvoyant medium psychic or a healer!  They are so tuned into feelings and how others are coping it can be quite exhausting for them.  It is a totally different sort of exhaustion to that you would feel after running a mile or picking up a load of logs and moving them from here to there, it is more than mental, it is draining.  Hence anyone who is spiritual or easily drained in this way because they are an amateur or professional empath Rosemary Price psychic should learn how to unwind in a safe and effective way.

One of my favourite ways is to listen to music, selecting it very carefully. Mood music is probably what most of you would call it.  If you cannot really listen to it and concentrate on it then it will not work.

Another way that works well for me is the coloured lights I had fitted into my bedroom ceiling. There are eight of them, attached, with a special machine.  You set it to change colour at the rate you like so that all eight lights go from yellow to red then green etc and it is quite relaxing and hypnotic. You can use it to liven yourself up or calm down, depending on how you set the lights. Have the same thing in the bathroom.

A mind or brain machine is another effective way to unwind and become more relaxed. Because it is so easy to do when you get ten minutes here and there to spare.  You can set it to make you more alert, help you to concentrate or become much more relaxed, it trains your brain to be more with it or without it depending on what you want and you change the settings so that it matches your moods and needs eachy time.  You can get them online fairly cheaply, now that gadgets which are electrical get cheaper and cheaper and more and more sophisticated.

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For a quick way to totally unwind how about a cup of camomile tea?   Soothing and an excellent way to stop and have some me time. There are other herbs that would help with this but they may be harder to obtain or more expensive. Camomile has become the most recognised and sought after, but beware of the very cheap imitations which do not really contain any of it.

Sitting in the garden on a long warm evening watching the birds and butterflies and taking in the beauty of the flowers is an excellent way to become more relaxed.

Unwinding and relaxing after a hard day can be as time consuming and complicated as you like and have time for or as quick and easy as you prefer if busy or not wanting to make it so focused. Lighting candles, having a relaxing bath with some soothing oils,  a massage if you have someone handy to help you.  Some find it relaxing to prepare and cook food or bake.  One of the things I find very relaxing is  watching my dogs play and frolic, chasing each other and getting all excited as they run around and pretend to nip each other. Listening to water or watching one of those relaxation videos can be great.  Choose  which one suits you - maybe a glowing real fire, a stream or river, a tropical paradise.  Reading is a good way to become more relaxed.

A sure way to be able to get into unwinding and relaxing after a hard day can be going out for a meal or going to the theatre or cinema, though you might find it ought to be something low key, comedy rather than  a serious drama which might drag you down or  make you think too much!  One of my clients recently had to go into hospital for an operation, he was in a great deal of pain and found it hard to tolerate, so he watched comedies all day to try to laugh it off and become removed from it and for him it worked.  Laughter and smiling is a simple way to feel better about anything or cheer up others.  It is hard to feel stressed or low when you do.

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Sport or exercise is a sure way to remove stress from your system, it also helps to train your brain to be happier as it changes the chemical reaction and how you feel. It can remove or cut down depression and stress, so does dancing. clairvoyant leeds clairvoyant manchester clairvoyant scotland clairvoyant

For those who are really worried about something and feeling trapped and unable to do a thing about it then concentrating on something different can be the key. It could be learning your lines for an amateur dramatic production,  learning a new language,  studying the details of how to get your new coffee machine to work, anything which totally absorbs your thoughts so that you stop thinking about the original concern.  Unfortunately most make the mistake of doing the opposite - wanting to keep talking about it and thinking about it and going over it when they have a concern, which in reality does not help at all and makes it worse as well as just wasting time.

If these things work well for a psychic empath they will work well for anyone.

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