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11th May 2019

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11th may 2019  Well today is a special day for me,  for a long time I have admired the famous actor Sir Ian McKellen, seen all of his films,  got a lot of respect for him because he is getting on yet makes sure he stays fit and healthy and does not leave it all to chance.  Yet he is fitter and healthier at eighty than many half his age. YES HE IS GAY. So what, that is his private life, and he cannot help how he was born but he has a terrific voice and is a great actor.  When my beloved partner found out that he would be touring around England appearing on stage in a one man show, interacting with the audience, he insisted on borrowing the money and taking out a loan so that he could afford the tickets - believe me they were not cheap - and then you need to add on for time off of work, petrol and all the rest. But we are so looking forward to it and it will be one of those once in a lifetime things that you remember forever.

Those who know me know I am very much a fan of the theatre and films and celebrities who have class, style and talent - not the sort who pop up on silly talent shows and get somewhere because they are outrageous or shock or good looking with no more to it.  In the old days it was people like Sir Laurence Olivier and I knew and was often in touch with James Mason the famous actor who went to .live in Switzerland when he virtually retired, he became quite reclusive and had a very quiet life with his wife and cats.  Living near Sir Roger Moore.  He was not into tarot card readings , white magic or past life and reincarnation readings,  but he was a very nice man.  I have known quite a few celebrities over the years.  Sadly many of them have passed over to the other side now. Some of them were very much into psychic email readings.   Others were more into clairvoyant email readings and tarot email readings, als psychic readings  through the telephone.  In fact the very best of the email tarot readings and email clairvoyants readings are done through this website and those like it. And this is where the celebrities tended to find me.  One of my most astonishing moments was when the phone rang and it was Angela Griffin wanting to speak to me on the telephone for an accurate tarot and psychic reading by phone. 

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You must make the most of this life you know, working all of the time may suit some but it is not healthy physically or mentally, we all need a change and a rest and fun too.psychic clacton on sea. 

Rosemary Price 

11th may 2019

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Sounds like you have a lovely time when you go to the theatre Rosemary. I know you are dedicated to your work but you need a break from it, even the most dedicated and hard working of people need to get away and have a change of scene and relax a bit. I saw Sir Ian McKellen on tv the other evening talking about his tour of the country, so I suppose that is what you went to see. It sounds very good, wish I had been able to see it, but he says he will now be in London doing another three months so maybe I can get it then - though it means a long journey it would be worth it.
Sharon Says:
Sounds like a lot of fun ! We don't have big theatres near us, nor any good ones. I wish we did. But I make sure we watch the really good stuff when it is on television if we can. The best actors and actresses are often on the stage. We like to go to see comedians too.
wifeuk Says:
It is really nice to be able to come here and read a bit about you and your life too. So many of the other psychics are out of reach of their general public, hiding behind some sort of screen, a facade, but you are happy to share these things. Makes me feel as if you are a normal human.
rychhmo Says:
Never heard of Ian McKellen Rosemary but glad you had a chance to get out and away from working doing readings all the time. Even you dedicated people need a break.