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13th May 2019

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13th may 2019 What a spectacular day it is today, so sunny and warm, and long... it gets so boring we have short days even though it does mean that I get a lot of new clients because they get down and fed up.I would much rather that everyone was happy that than I get load sof new clients.

You see unlike the majority of "psychics" out there I am not short of money and am not desperate to work. I earnt a very good income in my original career and earn far less now than I did then. People who know me think I am soft for swapping from that to this because I now work longer hours for far less money than I earned before - I also have more responsibility and more hassle. No sick pay or holiday pay or the usual things people take for granted.

When I began in my career as a psychic I did it totally for free, as a hobby, and was working full time in the law.  But I had so many people turning up on the doorstep and phoning me if I had not started to charge it would have been  inpossible.  I soon found out that when you do it for free people take you for granted. I would get people turning up at midnight and getting nasty if I did not get out of bed to talk to them. And they would expect to stay for hours and hours! Never a please or a thank you, all just expected and taken for granted and no thought to how I had to go to work the day after with a lot of travelling and long hours. Some would ring me every day and would expect to sit chatting about their life and their problems and decisions for hours each time. In other words some of these people expected to virtually take over my life - all on their lonesome.

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You should consult someone who wants to tell you who you were in your past life if you are interested in your karma and reincarnation.   You can consultation from professionals and amateurs but it is far better if done by a qualified professional. For those who want an email you may even be able to very affordable service  if you look hard enough!  For those who are counting  costs why not try to save a bit  by going for something more affordable ?  There are a lot of websites that say they offer accurate tarot readings online, past life and reincarnation readings, powerful white magic spells and more though few of them are authentic and honest. 

None of them thought about how I was single and needed to earn a living, or that I also needed time to relax, or to go out or to clean the house and the usual things.  So charging was the only way I could stop this non stop phone ringing and turning up on the doorstep and everyone just thinking I was there for them when it suited them instantly. And of course I also had to insist they made an appointment.  My then boyfriend was sick and tired of coming over to see me for a nice evening and the phone ringing non stop where if I had answered it I would never have a second with him.

Many of the other psychics about see becoming a psychic as a way to earn money that they could not earn any other way.They failed at school. They have no proper career. They have no skills. They do not want to work in KFC for a pittance or work as a cleaner so their options are limited and whatever they do will pay badly. So they think ah I can sit and chat and get paid more., Then they contact someone like me nagging me for a job. Even though they have never used a pack of tarot cards in their life and are fakes.  Of course I turn them down and then they go and work for a call centre as they cannot afford to be picky.

And I still get people thinking they can help themselves to my work and my time - only now I get emails from them went to my office which my staff read. And guess what, the answer is always no. Now I have a website to pay for, an office, staff so if I said yes it would be the same as me giving them money as I would have to pay for their reading out of my own pocket or somehow get the genuine decent clients to pay for it by putting their prices up. Ridiculous.

Rosemary Price 

13th may 2019.

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rychhmo Says:
Good on you Rosemary. I admire you. I know a lot of women who only do "readings" cause they need the money and canna get proper jobs - as they call it! I would be ashamed if that were me. And you are so right. I work on thursday evenings doing tarot readings - I work for a psychic email reading company - I won't let people come to see me anymore, too much hassle when they turn up very late and all the rest - and I know from bitter experience that if you do not charge a lot of them would expect another "reading" tomorrow or the day after and want to keep helping themselves to your time, as you put it. It is only because they have to pay that they think twice about it. My husband and kids were getting quite annoyed when I had people ringing me all the time, at the beginning, with one quick question,one quick chat, all free! l yet we were struggling to pay the bills. My husband said there is something wrong here. You just spoke to that woman Helen again - the solicitor - and helped her again free - yet she earns more in an hour than you do in a week. And it is nine o'clock in the evening - that is not fair. It took me quite some time to get the courage and guts to be more firm about it but you have to. Now I work by psychic email readings and nobody can phone me or know my address, perfect.