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15th May 2019 The British Astrological and Psychic Society Rosemary Price Psychic

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15th may 2019 written for the website of famous clairvoyant psychic Rosemary Price, extensively tested by The British Astrological and Psychic Society,  or BAPS to some, some of their experts are now eager and regular clients and have been for many years.   

I  was once asked to employ an old lady who had no intention of giving good clairvoyant readings and made it clear that she was only into the job because she was short of money Sadly I came across a lot of this type of person.  It is sad that they think this is a good excuse to fleece people.  Yes it is a shame if their husband has died and they only have a small pension to live on, but that still does not mean it is ok to pretend you can do tarot card readings, crystal ball, numeroly, clairvoyance and psychic readings and get people to listen intently to what you tell them and act upon it after when none of it is true.  There is no excuse for deliberately setting out to get money off of people by pretending to be able to do something that you cannot.  Although the people who are deluded are fakes in a way they are more innocent. They do not set out to deliberately lie to people, they believe what they tell people themselves and would be shocked and horrified at the idea that people do not trust them to get it right. Which makes them naive and out of their depth but not devious and crafty like this old dears I am telling you about.  Oh no, some of those old dears are so crafty it beggars belief. 



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I hope I do not come across anymore of these chancers, but they are out there all over the World ready to try it on and fleece people. They tell themselves that if they can shuffle a pack of oracle cards or rune stones and lay them out and stare at them that is all it needs, they can make up a load of waffle to go with it  OR tell people what they want ot hear. And then this eventually backfires on the client when the find out the truth. It is also unfair on people like me, real professionals, because we do honest readings,  and if there are so many of these fakes out there lying to people with rosy stories people get angry when we do not tell them lovely stories too.

Rosemary Price considered to be genuine and accurate by The British Astrological and Psychic Society

15th may 2019

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rychhmo Says:
Hi cleaner, I love the Rider Waite pack and the Thoth tarot, though my friends an get scared by them.
cleaner Says:
The last pack of tarot cards I got was the Thoth cards, very beautiful, lovely, really enjoy using them. The others were the Rider Waite which are ok but not so beautiful or traditional or magical looking.
classiccargirl Says:
Reminds me of a lady I met who was a cleaner and she got arthritis or rheumatism, cannot remember which, so she struggled to get down to clean floors and skirting boards and such. She needed to carry on working cause she needed the money so she decided that hey presto at the age of 71 she would become a tarot card reader. She had never bought a pack of cards, knew nothing about them, but she decided she would do this. Because she needed money. To me this is disgraceful. She would probably be worse than any of the juniors who are trying to get experience before they charge. She put some cards in a newsagent's window near us and a few people went there and told me how awful she was. She did not care. The way she saw it was they could come or not come, and it was cheap, so they had no right to complain it was not good too. Eventually she got into trouble with the council who complained that she was running a business from her home, with cars and people coming and going more than they ought to for a residential area, and the tax man was also informed - presuming that was cause of a disgruntled client who wanted to get their own back.