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1st April 2019 The British Astrological and Psychic Society Rosemary Price Psychic

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1st April 2019 by clairvoyant Rosemary Price, therapist and psychic, a lady who volunteered tobe extensively tested by The British Astrological and Psychic Society, she wanted to be sure that her clairvoyant and tarot readings were authentic before she offered them to clients - paid or unpaid. It worried her that she had met so many who classed themselves as able to do tarot and clairvoyant psychic work yet were clearly not able to Some of the society's experts are regular clients .  Rosemary chose not to be listed as a clairvoyant who offers her readings through them and their website, preferring to use her own. 

One of the ladies who came to me for a job as a fortune teller come psychic was an old lady who had never done any form of clairvoyance before. She had never owned or used a pack of tarot cards and she was proud of the fact that did not have a spiritual bone in her body. The way she saw it was that she was unemployed and short of money and if she did not get a job working for me - as a clairvoyant - then she would have to go and do something worse such as working in a burger bar where she has to stand up and work longer hours, more unsocial hours and for less money. She did not care about what was fair to clients. And it is the same with many of the people who contact me for a job.   . Being accurate and helpful does not matter to them, the only thing that matters is the money they want to earn.  Something that I, Rosemary Price psychic medium - accepted as genuine by The British Astrological and Psychic Society frown on.

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They never think they have to prove themselves first, they do not care if they are really good at it or they are so big headed they assume that nobody else's opinion matters -  they could have done as I did and gone to The British Astrological and Psychic Society - i.e. and got checked out  but to them it is  easy work, where they just chatter, a bit like chatting to friends but getting money too  and forget that they have to be accurate, understand, sympathetic and give insight not just speak,  the best psychic reading online  her name does not matter it could be marion, lucy, samantha,  there are thousands of these women out there who seeks email tarot readings  it is quite sad that someone can reach the age of sixty plus and still worry about money to the point that they would try to lie their way into a job they cannot do to get more money   get a free email psychic reading   and there is another thing about this. the woman who knows she is not a clairvoyant but still tries to get a job as one is ruining her own karma as well as possibly the lives of others  and there are those who are more attuned to powerful white magic and past life  readings from people like this are not readings - they are waffle and lies,  just said to fill the time and get paid  accurate tarot cards readings  I feel sorry for anyone who ends up having a reading from someone like this. You should hold out for  the real thing  by genuine people like me,

Rosemary Price psychic medium. Volunteered to be checked out and passed all of those checks by The British Astrological and Psychic Society

1st april 2019 

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rychhmo Says:
It is not right. It is a serious job not just chattering, if they want to just chatter they should work on a chat line or be a telephonist. Not play with people's feelings and futures.