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1st May 2019 Psychic & Allied Science Society - Rosemary Price Founder President

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Rosemary Price set up The Psychic & Allied Science Society for several reasons. At that time she owned and ran a very busy and successful psychic telephone network. She was the very first company to set up such a concern, advertising in Marie Claire, She, Best, Vogue, Tatler, Horoscope and many more magazines each month.  She wanted to be sure that all of the women who worked for her from home as home operators having calls put through to them were authentic, genuine and truly able to give insightful predictions and helpful readings to the clients they spoke to.   She set up the Society and then when people asked if they could work for her they were told they had to pass stringent tests doing test readings for her and other members of her staff and various clients that the company had already picked up recently.  If at any point of time those people purporting to be psychics showed themselves to be unreliable or not good at readings they were dismissed before they could do a paid reading for a paying client.    To Rosemary reputation is everything and she was not going to be let down by any member of staff nor risk that any member of staff would upset or let down one of her clients.

The Psychic & Alliied Science Society did very well, it has now got more than two hundred members and this lists grows and grows but most of those who ask to join the list fail because they fail the tests.  Many are simply wanting to be able to splurge these credentials on their website or business cards so that they can draw in clients or charge clients more, rather than truly wanting to be tested and truly caring whether or not their sittings are good enough to offer to strangers for payment. 


There are a lot of websites online that purport to offer clairvoyant medium and psychic readings in  acton amsterdam dover ramsgate leeds netherlands france brussels belgium norway sweden switzerland and there are quite a few that cannot deliver to  poland portugal spain italy greece israel barcelona florence naples turin seville oslo stockholm rotterdam lourdes the best psychic email readings . there are a lot of sites that say they can do email readings   manchester bristol clacton on sea essex london felixstowe harwich ipswich braintree bournemouth and many sites that say they can offer good telephone psychic readings which are also very cheap psychic readings online   and this is the same whatever country even if in trinidad tunisia tulsa portland usa uk australia sydney melbourne adelaide there are some very good sites but ignore the call centres and agencies which are scams. probably the best online psychic reading  is offered by myself as it is affordable and helpful without being unqualified and untested and it can cover  bristol kent yorkshire cornwall dorset isle of wight canary islands tunisia tenerife malta there are a lot of people out there advertising  get an accurate tarot reading online  as well as places such as other continents  

cork carlisle aberdeen glasgow perth and these can include places that are english speaking or not  get a free psychic email reading  most of the people who come my way are english speaking but many of them live in other countries where i am in the uk russia warsaw ulverston brighton bognor regis sardinia sicily southampton  australia is a popular country so is america get a free online psychic  and there are a lot of people out there who do not speak english yet still have readings   tiptree jaywick brightlingsea china japan hong kong tokyo new zealand wellington yo do not know where they go just that they do accurate tarot readings online  and many of them are clear about what they seek arkansas atlanta san francisco dallas denver las vegas washington new orleans rhodes detroit kings lynn lemington pimlico ealing with wishes to those who help them  wapping walthamstow manor park plaistow dagenham romford hornchurch upton park upney west ham tottenham arsenal south shields maybe it is time to change your supplier  real genuine honest true psychic readings .

Rosemary Price

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wifeuk Says:
And so say all of us... I also tried the article section on this site and found that really good too. The forums are a waste of time on the other sites, many of them are just full of amateurs trying to get customers.
Love this site, found this article very amusing.
smartone Says:
A unique article