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20th May 2019

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20th May 2019 What a horrible gloomy day it is today. I am so sorry that I am unable to come onto the site myself today but I have received so many orders to do psychic readings I have had to ask one of my staff to pop on here in my place. It would not be fair to clients to wait longer for their consultations instead. How is everyone? How is the life you have chosen?  I wonder how many of you know that you chose your life. You chose how it turned out because you chose who you mixed with and how long for, you chose which opportunities to seek out and which ones to say no to and so on.  Your life gradually filters down to the things and people you said yes to and eventually has none of the things you said no to and as you age and are an adult you have more choices, it is children who have things forced upon them. When people tell me they are miserable with their husband the first thing I ask myself is why that person is still with the husband who makes them miserable. If I ask them they say well I dont know. But what they mean is they have not tried to sort things out and have waited for a psychic to predict it all, or they get more benefits by being with him than by leaving him. In the end they need to consult a reputable, reliable, professional, qualified clairvoyant, they are just trying to avoid it for as long as possible either because of cost or being scared of what they will hear. 

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