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21st May 2019

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21st May 2019 by Rosemary Price the psychic.  A blog is often the day to day activities of the site owner, it can be all about their business or their life. It can be both.  The thing about working as a clairvoyant though is that much of their time is spent on work. With a real clairvoyant, one who does it as a proper profession on a full time basis this means that there is not a lot of time left for what you might call a normal life. What is a normal life for a clairvoyant and crystal ball reader?  With many of them it is no different to yours. I have known lots of so called psychics who claim to be working in the spiritual field yet only spend about five hours a year on it, and even then they avoid those if they can.  These are usually the ones that are all talk and no substance.  A typical senior citizen of seventy five will a lot about how much they help people with their clairvoyance yet they then are always too busy.  You ring them up and ask them if they can fit you in and they say oh dear I am fully booked. What a shame. I might be able to do it in about six months etc. They are not fully booked with spiritual and clairvoyance work they are fully booked with other things that they prefer to do - visiting their grandkids, going to the women's institute meetings , all that type of thing. And they are quite right. Because if this person who rings them only wants them when they want a cheap or free reading why would they put that first? If their main love is their family they are right to put that first instead. 



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Rosemary Price 

21st may 2019


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rachel Says:
some really good tarot readers and psychics about, Rosemary Price is the best one in my book, a good tarot reader or psychic would care about their clients enough to do something like this great blog place, the rest are too lazy or mean