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23rd July 2019

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23rd July 2019


The other day a lady wrote to our office asking my staff why she cannot have a free psychic tarot reading with me.  They did not bother to reply, the reply might have been twenty pages and the silly person would still not have understood the many reasons. My staff are here to sort ouf psychic readings not  answer silly questions.  But I can think of one excellent reason to add to the list of the usual things people say when asked to do a free clairvoyant psychic tarot reading and declining...  that we all have a karma and within that karma we are here to learn lessons. Those lessons can be about love, health, family, romance, money or whatever. We are each different and each time we are here it is different again,  the karma we have in this life will depend very much on how well we did with the previous one. Some of us, the lazy ones, prefer to ignore our karma and muddle through life using people, lying, taking advantage,  avoiding work,  conning people,  cheating on them and all the rest, so their life might be more exciting and more fun but they do not fulfill any of their karma and then in their next life they have to begin all over again from scratch because they did not learn any of those lessons.

Whatever your karma is you are meant to learn thing, none of this is ever easy, there is always sacrifice involved, that might be money, time or whatever.  

If people can just go to top famous psychics and help themselves to their services they are learning how to be greedy,  mean,  selfish, self serving, short signed,unloving and much more. But they are not learning anything good, anything of value and help to them. They are unlearning and going backwards. Instead of becoming a better person they are becoming a worse person.  And the person who gives them free clairvoyant psychic tarot readings is helping them to go backwards. This is hindering them not helping them.  If life is made very easy for people they never grow up and mature and they are forever relying on others and a burden to others and society.

If you need yet another reason why it is daft to give people free psychic readings it is this.  Life is a see saw and there has to be a natural fair balance to everything. When I first started out I did free psychic readings, freely, with no thought to myself. But the people who were forever phoning me and turning up were totally selfish and expected to be able to phone me and see me whenever they wanted, for as long as they wanted, as often as they wanted. This meant that the balance went aray because if i gave each of them an hour or more of my time I ended up with no time for me. Each of them gained my time but none of them lost anything in return as a pay back for it. And none of them then had a reason to think about not asking for my time. It was only when I started to charge for myr psychic readings,  which was due to this, that people thought hey hang on do I really need this psychic reading or am I better off keeping my money? They needed an incentive, a self serving selfish one, to desist from trying to help themselves to my time often and regularly. That is another thing which people need to learn if they cannot work this out naturally, that it is immature and childish and selfish to expect others to always give when you give them nothing in return.


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Autumn Soon Says:
Gosh. It gets so complicated. It used to be that a client made an appointment paid and had a session. It has become so much more because many so called clients are not genuine and there are now loads of fake clairvoyants online.
Constance Says:
I so agree with this blog. I also used to do free psychic tarot clairvoyant readings Rosemary, and not one of those people ever thanked me or appreciated it. A small token would have been nice. At the time I was unemployed and struggling and they knew this. One lady would want to come and see me every other day for six months - always going over and over the same silly thing. And to rub salt into the wound it was always about her finances where she wanted to be sure she would be rich one day. Yet it was ok for me to forever live in poverty and be there to hep her.
tesxo Says:
The main things clients look for are astrology, numerology, i ching, oracle cards, rune stones, flower cards, pendulum,medium, crystal ball, palmistry, psychic, tarot cards, angel cards, and many of the clients do not even know which is which and which they should embrace and which they should avoid for their consultation! They are too lazy to research these simple things. Yet they expect us poor clairvoyants and psychics to do years and years of research, learning and developing so that we can make their lives richer, and what do we get in return? In many cases jealousy or loathing or meanness. I agree with 24.07, I was a tarot card reader and astrologer and gave it up. I now work in a butcher shop serving mince meat and hand made meat pies to the general public. It is great to know what time I start and finish, with a guaranteed lunch, and a guaranteed wage, and no queue of people wanting it all for nothing and making out I am mean if I say no. For the first time in years I can afford a holiday and have been able to put some savings by.
24.07 Says:
I am ashamed to say, dear psychics, that I gave up working as a clairvoyant psychic because of these things. Life is too short. I am not knocking you for sticking with it, I admire you, but please have a think about how it affects your life and whether it is worth it. My husband used to work as a surgeon, he worked all night very often, then sometimes all the day after, in rare cares he did not get a chance to eat all day, he was often on call. He improved the lives of many others but his own life was awful.
wifeuk Says:
Here here. It is not all about the client. Even though they would love it to be. No more than it is when a doctor helps a patient, and the doctor's needs matter too.