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23rd May 2019

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23rd may 2019 One of the wonders of working by psychic email readings is to suit me and many of them are to suit you.  You have the advantage of knowing that everything you want to tell me or ask me is there before I start.  That is the same whether it is a cheap psychic tarot medium reading  or you opt for something more unique and grand and time consuming from someone more experienced and capable such as Rosemary Price. The thing is that if you  talk all about how you feel with someone who is not good aat doing an email psychic reading you are waffling on and they may bother to read it but the odds are they will not understand it nor be able to help with it and if you are not paying much they will probably be rushing too. I recently saw something on Groupon where people were paying £8 for an email psychic reading from a totally unknown person - drawn in by the cheap price.  Yet they got something very vague and unhelpful. So they would have been better off coming to someone who is more reputable like Rosemary Price where they give it the time it deserves and are able to help.

As an agony aunt who has worked as an advice columnist too it is rare that I am asked for a  free tarot email reading   because most people know me or have the sense to work out I am doing it properly with proper expenses and this is how I make my living. But some people do write to me trying it on, through the contact form, and try to make me feel sorry for them.  They never get anywhere, they never reach me because my staff read all of those mails. I am too busy doing real work!  But no it would not work. It would not be fair to me or my clients and then I would have no choice but to raise the prices that the others pay so that I can still make ends meet. Then the decent people who are happy to pay normal prices would say they cannot afford it. And how can anyone know for sure that when someone says they cannot afford it that this is true? What is their idea of not being able to afford it? They may well be better off than most.  Lying or have no idea about money.  They can go off and get a second job if they are struggling - that is what I did years ago when I wanted things I could not afford. 

I remember I wanted new carpets. I did not write to the carpet shop asking them for free carpets.   and  i am sure they would have felt very insulted if I had . I can also remember a time when my boiler broke down and I could not afford to have it repaired, let alone replaced, which is what it really needed. The house was freezing, but I did not ring a plumber and tell lhim I was poor and ask him to do it for free, I put up with the freezing weather while I cut down on costs and saved.

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onions AND pies Says:
The most amazing psychics are those you consult 1 21 not the ones on stage.
Adele Says:
It amazes me why so many people put psychics in a different category to themselves if they are also helping people. As if it is ok for a doctor or nurse or surgeon to be rich but wrong for a psychic to earn enough to pay her or his bills.
hairyone Says:
Years ago I did a training course on how to be a hairdresser - it took four years. Then I suddenly found that neighbours, people in my area, people I met at clubs were all keen to come and see me and get a free hairdo! Not one of them offered to pay, not even a tiny bit to help cover all of the time I put in and the cost of doing the course. Guess what. I said no.
rychhmo Says:
It is this me me me me society we live in now. I work as a tarot card reader and I get it a lot too. They say hi, how are you, nice weather isnt it. Can you just tell me if John will phone me today or tomorrow? and then start babbling on as if they can have all of my evening or morning or afternoon if they fancy it. Like it matters whether they have to wait till tomorrow for a phone call?! Of course, they have no intention of paying for this question to be answered and will ask more and more if I let them. If I tell them I am in the middle of baking a cake or eating my dinner it makes no difference they just carry on. Don't care if your cake gets ruined or your dinner is burnt to a crisp or too cold to eat when they have finished. You have to be firm with them. I can understand why Rosemary and her staff never answer their phone if they are not expecting a call. I bet a lot of people would ring them and say "can you just tell me this and that" as if answering the phone means they have to do free readings and do them instantly. How would you feel if it were happening to you? It is not nice. You have to be very firm. I have now started to put my answer phone on when I am busy or want to relax or have visitors. But it worries me that I am losing customers then. I do not have a website I can send people to like Rosemary does. So I have to take that risk.
annie paxton Says:
Oh dear people do try to take liberties. They seem to forget that if a clairvoyant was naive and gullible they would not be worth consulting, nothing they say would be of any value.