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27th June 2019

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27th June 2019


We have had a lot of mail from other psychics - some who are working for call centres and genuine but unable to set up their own business, others who are already established as a self employed psychic, sometimes well known like Rosemary Price.  One of their main themes is ungenuine clients, nasty clients, difficult clients who go to extreme lengths to make their lives difficult.  We really feel for them as we know what it is like.  Rosemary Price has been helping people for more than forty years - full time - so she would know more than anyone what it is like. But we in her office, who read a lot of the queries and comments that are sent to her (people often assume she has nothing better to do than to sit on her computer all day reading them instantly and has no actually work to do instead) can vouch for it. We are horrified by the nasty comments and abusive mails we sometimes get.  And we know that people who work in other industries do not get them.  It is as if people expect clairvoyants to be non feeling people without any need to be paid for their time and skills, or there to be used as a punch bag whenever their life is not as happy as they would like it to be!  Like a sponge that is there to soak up all of the anger and misery in their World.  A World they probably created for themselves. In some cases it is a case of how the client very much wants to hear a certain thing - i.e. their boyfriend will propose to them and marry them.  But if the psychic does not predict this the client turns angry and wants to shoot the messenger. Instead of appreciating that the psychic was honest they turn against them and think it is best to abuse them and make their life a misery. It makes them feel better and it makes them feel that this proves that the prediction was wrong.  The nastier they are to the psychic the more they think it proves it!  No wonder their boyfriend does not want to marry them! 

One of the problems is that all clairvoyants mediums and psychics are more feeling than normal ordinary people. So not only is Rosemary Price personally too busy to read all of the comments and mails but they would hurt her a lot. This is one of the reasons she has us dealing with them for her! It must be quite insulting to help people and then get people being abusive in return.  We have seen some of the comments that other people have put on this site in reply to posts about these subjects and feel a lot of sympathy for them.  We now understand that people in other caring professions can get similar problems sometimes.

If we get someone being abusive towards us or Rosemary we put them on a banned list.  We then have to follow Rosemary Price's wishes,   to send off a round robin circular to the listed reputable psychics this person will probably contact and abuse given half a chance, so that they can ban her too.  The last thing we want is for the other psychics to get the same nasty treatment. And they may trust the potential client at first glance. We have found that many "clients" appear normal to start with and then turn nasty later. So that does not work.  If you are a genuine reader who wishes to be added to the list then send us your website link and details. We cannot add people who only do it as a hobby or for a call centre. 

Just recently we had a strange non genuine person writing to us demanding that we get Rosemary Price to do them free readings or else. It was full of hate and vitriolic comments. Libellous comments about her and her service. And threatening that if she did not do a long and detailed free reading for them instantly they will report her to the Police and she will be arrested and put in prison.

Now you and I know that this makes no sense. But it is a nasty thing to do.  Rosemary Price does not see it because we only pass on genuine consultations to her.  But this lady then sent us about fifty nasty disgusting emails all day long. So we have warned other psychics about her, then if she goes to them - and especially if she goes to them pretending to be normal and decent - they will know what she is really like and avoid her.   One of the problems is that a new "client" can appear quite normal and nice and then only turn nasty when there is a full moon, or they wanted to hear something wonderful and got told the truth instead. People can be two faced. Being nice when they want something and then showing their true colours and nasty side later.

People who harrass psychics, libel or slander them,  are abusive towards them or about them,  try to rob them (I.E. nagging for free consultations or paying for them and then nagging for a refund ) end up on such lists   But one of the things that worries us is that the law of karma says that anyone who abuses , tries to mistreat, bad mouth, rob etc a clairvoyant is then cursed through the law of karma. This is not the choice of the psychic and the psychic is not putting a curse on them.  The psychic often does not even know they exist. They are too busy with consultations with genuine clients to be aware of most of those things. I very much doubt that any genuine caring clairvoyant would want someone to be cursed. But the law of karma obeys it's own rules and just does it.  It is their way of trying to protect psychics from abuse.  If someone is very abusive towards us or Rosemary Price we warn them of this, it is then up to them to listen to our warning, we can do no more.  One of the problems with such is that only the psychic the client bad mouthed or been nasty to can remove the law of karma's curse.  And if the person has been very abusive towards the psychic they will be banned from their site and services. In the case of the client trying to get free consultations it would make no sense for the psychic and their staff to allow the person to return anyway.

We pride ourselves on giving a good service to a genuine client.  One of the important things is that we have to make sure we do not waste time on ungenuine people as this simply eats up the time we should be spending on genuine clients!   It also makes having a website pointless if people are too lazy to read it and expect to write to us and ask us to read it for them and then get back to them with that information.  Hence when a new client writes to us asking us things like how long will my reading take we point them to the website. Otherwise we we would spend time on replying and then ten minutes later get another query and then anothet,  If a very rude person writes nasty mails to us the same thing applies. On the one hand we want to help them and if necessary put them straight but in cases where they are determined to argue all day or be unrealistically demanding or abusive we are just wasting our time.  We are employed to attend to the website and sort out consultations, not to read spiteful emails or write back and forth to people arguing.  And if we got involved in all of that people would be waiting longer for their consultations. 

This is why we warn other psychics of who to avoid. We hope it saves them going through the same thing we went through !  And likewise many of them warn us about people who have been abusive towards them. It works two ways.

for Rosemary Price 

Added info - we have had many asking us to circulate details of undesirables to them, and sending us their lists of undesirables,and this has  only been here a few days! We thank you for respecting psychics and their work and are happy to help you.  Rosemary is too busy to sort out such a list herself but we in her office will collect together the information and put it into a file and forward it on to serious and genuine psychics so that you can hopefuly be spared some of the timewasting nonsense we have endured. 

We have also received about ten offers of help from people wanting to work for us as expert psychics.  Unfortunately we are fully staffed at the moment but if you send us your c.v. giving all of your relevant information and a sample reading we will keep it on file for future reference and get back in touch with you when a position is vacant if you might fit the bill. We pride ourselves on being far more fussy than the cheap call centres and agencies. 


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I applied to Rosemary Price for a job but have not heard, my name is Hilary, will I get the job?
Groans Says:
Hi Constance, I agree with you. People like to believe that they are doing us an almightly favour if they come to us with their problems and get us to make them happier. They don't think about taking up our time, exhausting us or that it is a one way street. I now only work one day a week - wednesday - and no longer listen to all of the pleas to do it this week instead of next week or tuesday instead of wednesday, if I did I have no life of my own.
Constance Says:
If it weren't for the fact I really love doing psychic tarot clairvoyant readings I would never have got into this stuff, and I DEEPLY regret it. So many people have tried to or taken advantage of my abilities. Because I have been kind to people I now have to rent out rooms in my house to make ends meet and cannot afford a car or holidays. The other day a lady came to me saying she desperately needs a free psychic tarot reading - yet she turns up in a new car and tells me about her holidays. I said no. I said I charge now. I did not want to see her anyway.
wifeuk Says:
This is my favourite thread on this site great stuff. One of my friends works as a clairvoyant with crystal ball and palmistry. She had a woman ring her saying she needs an urgent reading on Sunday. My friend never works sundays, nor do I and nor does anyone I know. But this woman was trying to demand it was Sunday and expected it be free too.
Carla Young Says:
Good to read. It is time that people were more aware of how these things can be reversed. We hear about fake psychics and clairvoyants but not fake clients,and there are lots of them, I know I have had them come to me and waste my time too.
wifeuk Says:
Superb website, love it. Thank you so much for the telephone reading you did for me a few days ago Rosemary, it has helped me a great deal, you probably picked up I was nervous and stammering and stuttering, but we got there in the end. Will speak to you again very soon, promise.
wittyone Says:
lol Can just imagine a nut case ringing a call centre and shouting and calling them names and they patiently letting them carry on because they get paid to listen.
writer Says:
Some sites have had a lot of problems with weirdo types,not the call centres and agencies because you cannot email them or speak to them unless you pay per minute - which puts them off - and even then you would be ringing for a reading not able to get through to the office or owner of the website.

Obviously sites as busy as this one that have been around as long as this have heard it all before and would have already had legal advice on how to deal with undesirables before they start. These people are too stupid to think of this. They assume that website owners and psychics are as badly organised and feeble at organising things as they are.
someone Says:
My site gets people trying on the free reading ploy, but they usually go off back under their stone when I don't respond or say no. There is no excuse to turn vicious about it. Sites can ban anyone they want for any reason without explanation if the client wants to pay, so they will ban people who want it free.
anonymous22 Says:
One of my friends, a young woman who is a single mother, wanted to turn into a psychic clairvoyant and medium and contacted some of the websites for a job. Most of them did not reply to her, one offered her a job where she wanted her to sit there all night every night on call being paid a small amount if the phone rung. Rosemary Price's site was the only one that wrote a friendly helpful reply and offered to test and interview her.

I spend a lot of time online and had never heard of Rosemary Price until I chanced upon a question and some answers that someone had placed on Quora. I found it fascinating and "followed" the writer. She has written a lot of stuff for Quora over the years. Sometimes people post questions on there and dozens of people reply with "answers" but most of them are from people who are not psychics and are just guessing,I always take a lot more notice of Rosemary Price's answers because she is a full time expert.

When I told my friend about it she said she had decided not to be a psychic because she just did not think she could hack the long hours and she needed something that paid a guaranteed hourly rate. But she had had two readings with Rosemary Price in the past year and she is a convert to not going to amateurs and only going to the real thing.
WelshGurl Says:
Hey there Rosemary,

Well I suppose Rosemary is too busy to read these comments. I live in Wales and Rosemary used to write a syndicated article. You wrote a whole page for each of the papers in the group. It was terrific.My family and me really enjoyed it and looked forward to it each week. Within two years they were selling a lot more newspapers and the circulation had risen quite a bit. I worked for the newspaper so I know you put a lot of work into it because me and one of my friends, one of the other workers at the head office, would have to phone you and write to you regularly about it. You then suggested we put an 0898 numbers where people could ring up and get an instant fun prediction if they paid for a call, and thank goodness they agreed and did it as that became one of the most popular features of the newspapers. It was sad when you had to tell us that you were too busy with your own clients to carry on doing it but we understood. I want to thank you for that experience and also for the four 121 readings I have had with you over the past three years. Thank you so much.
psychicmarvel Says:
Ah I see, thanks for explaining JonathanReel. IF I were a famous top psychic it would annoy me if I had to say the readings were for entertainment only. But when you think about it then it has to be. Because so many people can misinterpret what they are told, or say it was wrong or not true just to get their money back and use the reader... plus the ones who only want to pay if they get told what they want to hear and not the truth if the truth is not pleasant.

My point was that if a person is struggling with money and has no job then they are fools to pay for expensive readings to ask if and when they will get work. They are far better off using that money to live on till they get a job. When I have a reading from Rosemary Price I always have a short basic one from one of her team. I cannot afford one of the ones from her or one of the long in depth ones. And I work full time. So if I cannot afford it then it follows that people who do not work cannot. But there again I don't think it is ok to have the reading and then try to keep the money too.
JonathanReel Says:
psychicmarvel. In a way this depends on which country the reader/psychic is in. If they are in the UK then by law they have to say that the reading is for entertainment purposes only. It annoys a lot of the psychics because they take their work very seriously. But as LEGALLY it is for entertainment purposes only no client can say they want their money back on the basis of the information not being true or the predictions not being accurate. And like you say, if the predictions are for next year anyone who says they are untrue is lying.
psychicmarvel Says:
Hello, everyone,
This is not just about psychics. I work as a therapist and have similar problems. When I get a new client I often give them a one hour slot for free, as a sort of sample taster, then if they wish to proceed with treatment and help they can come session by session or they can book and pay for ten sessions at a reduced price. Sometimes I get a client come along, sit and chat to me, totally agree with me, thank me very much for my help. Then come along for another session and do the same again. Then after all of the ten sessions they say oh those sessions did not really help me. It was no good to me. I should have my money back! Honest. If they were genuine about it they would have said that after the very first session and not booked more.

One of my clients once told me she regularly consults all different psychics. She was going through a bad phase and was getting to be very down, neurotic, confused, so she got into a routine of writing to them or phoning them looking for answers and help. One day she told me she had written to a psychic and booked two long indepth readings with her. I asked her if she knew this psychic. No she said. I asked her if she had a lot of money tucked away so that she could afford this. No she said. I knew she was unemployed, so thought it odd (or daft) that she would spend so much on readings at a time like that. On the one had she had no proper income yet on the other she was spending like it grew on trees. She was asking these psychics the most ridiculous questions such as will I get a job soon! Even though she had no money! A few months goes past and something about this comes up again and I said to her how did you get on with those psychic readings. Oh she said. The one I wrote to for several readings wrote back with them. Then I tried to demand all of my money back because I am poor and I do not see why she would get all of that money anyway just for doing that! Of course, the psychic must have had dishonest greedy people try this before so would have known how to handle it. But she was furious that she did not get the money back and blamed the psychic for being short of money. She used the excuse that the predictions the psychic gave for next year were wrong. What a stupid excuse. How on earth could she know that now? If she knew exactly what was going to happen to her next year she would not be asking a psychic for predictions, so she does not know if they are right or wrong, but she knows they are probably right if the psychic is well known and reputable.

If she cannot afford the readings she should not ask for them. Months later she tried to do the same with me. Tried to make out that all of the sessions with me, that she was very eager to have, should now be free and she should get her money back. People like this have no respect for others, it is why they have such lonely lives. I refused to give her any of her money back because she could not give me back my nine hours of time or all of the help I had given her. I suspect that if she goes to another counsellor and therapist she will try the same there. Would love it of therapists had some way of warning each other about the deadbeats too. Will look into it. I know Rosemary Price is a therapist too, I wonder if she only gets it with the psychic and tarot clients or the therapy clients too?
Gloreeda New Zealand Says:
A thumbs up from me and have sent you my list of people who have no clout on my site or psychic service now, with the reasons listed. Please add me to your list and let me know of people I should steer clear of too. Many thanks. Very grateful indeed.
TarotLadyScotland Says:
Found this very interesting and would like to be added to your list please where we warn each other about people who are trouble. I work as a tarot card reader and I often get people who are abusive simply because I will not give them a free reading or I tell them something they do not want to hear (such as husband will not come back !). I have found that some of those who have come my way over the past few years are totally mental. They should not be looking for readings they should be going for psychiatric help. And it makes you wonder if the real reason the husband left / the boyfriend dumped them/ they got sacked from their job or whatever it is they are unhappy about is really all about how mentally ill they are. I will write to you through your contact form. Thank you for providing this service. There are too few people out there who care about psychics.