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3rd May 2019

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It is amazing how things snowball. You start off with one small website, then this leads to it growing  bigger and bigger, and then before you know where you are you need an even bigger one and so on. Why?  When you plan your site you need to have a good idea of what you want on it. Because this affects the price. And it may be that there are lots of bells and whistle stuff you can add to it that would not be of any real use. Or which is all geared to pleasing people who use the site but not cost effective.  For example, a lot of people ask me to add a forum, or a chat room, or free reading pages, but none of that is of any benefit to the actual site or me. It would simply distract people from the real reason they are here - which is to read all about me and sort out which consultation they need and want to book today.  The websites that concentrate on free tarot readings are able to do that because they do not concentrate on proper 1 2 1 live psychic readings.  Instead of doing proper 1 2 1 live psychic readings they are really in the line of advertising. They put things like a free tarot reading page so that you go to there and use it and then when they charge advertisers to go on the site they are able to prove that the website has enough visitors to warrant them paying to advertise there. See?

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There are freeloaders everywhere but more so with psychics. Everyone thinks a psychic is soooooo...... caring and kind sooooo............warm and empathic soooooo....eager to please........ so well everything they want really...

But they are also humans with a life, with bills to pay, friends and family to spend time with, housework to see to, chores to see to, kids to take care of, pets , a garden to weed and all the rest...

I put a little ad in a newsagent's window offering to do tarot card readings for £10. It is very cheap. The phone rang and this lady said she needed a reading.
Always be suspicious when they say need instead of want, need always means they want it for free. She gabbled on about her husband left her she very upset she need this. I gabbled on about how it had cost me 50 pence to put the card in the window for a week, and I need money for my gas meter. She put the phone down. Will be honest with yer. If I did not have to worry about bills I would not do tarot at all, I would rather be out in the sunshine or round my friends, people forget all that.
t must Says:
I have seen one website where there were free reading pages and there was no advertising or benefit to the site to do it. It must have cost a fortune and I would imagine they probably regret paying out for all of that. Especially if it means that they get the freeloader type attracted to the site and then trying to get the clairvoyant to do free 121 readings as well as the free readings on the site! I am sure that happens. I once had a business where I sold my writing efforts. People paid me for articles and would contact me asking for a free sample. If I had been silly enough to write them a free article they would have taken it and published it and made some money on it, but paid me nothing, and they would never have returned for the ones where they pay. So I made it clear in the editorial parts of the site that I did not give free samples. Yet they still ignored this and asked for them. My friend makes cat collars and cat coats and people write to her and ask her if she can make a sample and send it to them! They expect her to supply the material, rhinestones, bits and bobs and post and packing !
Sharon Says:
Thanks for explaining how those free ones work. I was thinking of getting a website and doing it, but now I realise it is very expensive to set it all up and not a way to make money! lol. Oh well. At the moment I work for one of those call centres Rosemary, not proud of it, but I do it properly, I am quite good at it, just need maybe more practice. Then hoping I can do it on my own. Am saving up so that I can get my own website. But weighing up the costs and advantages to make sure it is a good idea. I hate working for an agency but right now I have no choice. The one I work for makes you do one weekend every three weeks - it is their busiest time, and you have to do at least a few evenings each week, sometimes the whole night, so it is not much fun, but it pays the bills.