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4th April 2019

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How are you today?  Most people who know you reel back in horror when you start to tell them all about your ingrowing toenail or your asthma attack, but I genuinely do want to know because I do care about people. My lovely partner - a man !  - says I am too caring for my own good and that people try to take advantage of it. And I am sure he is right. Just today I am told there were five mails begging me for free spells and readings! The spells are always to make them rich. Strange that they think it is fine for them to be rich while expecting others to work very long hours for free - some sort of double standards there. Of course they have more chance of throwing snowballs into a very hot hell than getting a freebie off of me and they would know that if they had any sense. It is not that I am mean. But I have also had struggles - years ago - financially - and I never expected anyone to give me anything for free, I would go without or save. It is greedy, in my opinion, to somehow think you are entitled to something without giving in return, and it plays with the law of karma. It is even more ridiculous when that person has expenses such as an office , website and staff to cover before they make a cent. 

For those who cannot afford to consult me personally it is still possible to come to my website and have a cheap psychic reading which helps you,  because all you have to do is lower your sights.  If you are impatient and do not want to wait for the senior psychic, me, Rosemary Price, then lower your standards and go for one of my experienced and expert team,which are cheaper.  The fact that they are juniors and work for me does not mean that they are not consulting, they are far superior to those who work for the call centres and agencies that offer the quick psychic telephone readings and I found out years ago that when I gave people free readings and spells they just took it for granted and would hastily return for another a few days later  - not taking in most of what I had done or said just a few days previously.a  free psychic email reading is no good if it is not appreciated. But it is not just the actual spell or reading that you are paying for, it is also that person's time.  That is time that they could have spent on other work that paid or something more fun than sitting there all seriously sorting out a person's problems. You find that old ladies who do psychic readings as a side line hobby have it sussed. They will say they are sorry but they cannot fit you in they are fully booked when what they really mean is that they have their family - their special precious grandchildren - staying with them, and they are not going to miss precious moments with them so that you can steal them of a few hours of their time in return for a pittance.  We all know that these ladies who do it as a side line charge very little,  and one of the reasons they do not put themselves out to be available is because they would rather have the fun with their grandkids than that tiny amount of cash.

Psychic tarot card readings have to be mutually beneficial, whether they are with Rosemary Price or whoever, clairvoyant online   and I am sorry to say that the joy of helping people can only go so far.  Just the other day I received an email from a lady who had had readings from me before so she should have known better. She TOLD me that she and her two sisters would be coming to see me for readings this sunday !!!  It never occurred to her that the business card I gave her said

works 9 am to 5 pm monday to friday not weekends  !

It also said by appointment only... now in my book an appointment is a day and time that suits both... not where one decides when it is and just tells the other 

Nor that I might have already arranged something with someone else for then and be fully booked.

You see if she had been contacting one of those little old ladies who claim to do accurate psychic readings but really  do it as a hobby and they were on their own waiting for the next family visit they would jump at it because they would think goody some more money. Very often you get the idea that they are only offering the tarot card readings because they are bored when the family are not available. They rarely get an offer to see anyone so when the family are not there they say yes to everyone and anyone.  But when the person is a full time professional such as Rosemary Price it makes no sense because she has already worked a full week during those weekdays and her weekends are her rest and fun days. free psychic online reading free malta psychic malta    past life reading online reincarnation karma capricorn scolrpio virgo leo aries sagittarius libra gemini  superb    paris psychic paris vienna psychic vienna berlin psychic berlin same day psychic email reading  white magic spells traditional healers healing spell beautiful how to practice white magic occult spells binding spell how to do white magic what is a tarot deck tarrot free psychic vs psychic what is a clairvoyant physic mind reader tarot numerology asho tarot onlinetarot  love chakras and spells amulets talismans occult 

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GreatStuff Says:
People forget that self employed people who sell their services are selling their time. One of my friends got the idea she would become a clairvoyant psychic and tarot card reader, she bought some cards and asked a proper psychic for lessons to help her set it up. But she expected the experienced tarot card reader to give her free or very cheap lessons! She was amazed when the reader selling the lessons would not give them away for free or sell them to her cheap. Then she very reluctantly paid for one tarot card reading lesson and realised she had asked the wrong questions and expected that to mean that the second lesson would be free. No idea whatsoever, as if anyone will give a free lesson because of that. She is thinking it is a quick and easy way to make money yet she expects the people who have a lot more experience than her and help her to get there to do all this for next to nothing or free. Like she would learn how to do it and then do it that cheap herself!
GreenEyes Says:
Have been to lots of psychics, tarot, clairvoyance, even tried rune stones and i ching together, none of them were anywhere near as good as Rosemary Price.
682andy Says:
Love this site thanks
CaramelandChocolate Says:
Hello, I used to work as a face painter for fun. Sometimes I would go to the local school fetes and events offering to do then free for charity. But it got out of hand. I would be forever being asked to go to this thing and that thing and people were forever expecting that I must say yes... as if I had no life, nothing else to do, and no obligations or commitments or work! One place asked me to go and do a free gig and I was already busy with my friend coming to visit me for the weekend, a lovely friend I had not seen for two years, and they got snippy with me about me being too busy. So please, remember, when people are doing things for free they can say no and they do have a life too.
Millicent735 Says:
What a great blog article. I work as a private teacher. People arrange to come over to my place for a few hours for a lesson. I teach them English or maths. But you can bet your bottom dollar that on the few evenings when I am supposedly not available for work - because I am human and want to get out and see my friends or visit my sister - the phone rings and someone wants me to stand there for half an hour explaining the difference between a verb or a noun or how you work out algebra calculations. It is very rare that they ask if it is convenient and they never offer to pay for that extra lesson.
Malcolm Says:
Hi Rosemary, I have had the same nonsense. I work as a dentist and have my office next to my house. People think that they can ring me any time and I will happily jump out of bed, or stop eating my dinner, or cancel my outing to chatter to them on the phone about their toothache. Ridiculous. The whole idea of NOT working evenings is to have fun and relax evenings isn't it!