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4th May 2019

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One of my little dogs has been struggling with a bad heart, she has a serious heart murmur. The vet suggested she goes to a main vet to be checked out to know exactly what is causing it. This specialist told me that her left valve does not work properly, it does not open and shut as it should, which means that her metabolism is too fast, she has her heart working much too fast, and then this can lead to her having the problems she has been having. But I noticed that she was worse and had seizures and fits after she had cheese.  IF you give her some brown bread or cheese, two treats she really likes, then the day after she is quite ill for a long time. But the medicine from the doctor made her very ill, it slowed down her heart but she was barely able to get up move and had no quality of life. She also started to get diabetes 2.  She got worse and worse because the side effects of the so called medicine were far worse than the original problem.  So I took her off the medicine and put her on herbs and she is now so much better,back to how she was before. 



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kisses Says:
Dogs are a total joy.
strongone Says:
Oh dear, am so sorry to hear about your little dog Rosemary. Hope she is better now, I once had a small dog that had a similar thing, it was hard to see her struggle.