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5th May 2019

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Physical readings and tarot are available through thousands if not millions of websites with new ones popping up on a daily basis.  You can also get some form of insight through magazines and newspapers though I know for a fact that many are written by journalists wit no training or knowledge who just make it all up as they go along. One of the most famous of them all used to be a cookery food writer and then suddenly started to do psychic readings when they had to find someone urgently to fill that slot.  To get a good and  accurate psychic email reading you need to invest some money because clairvoyant readings only turn out to be advantageous to you when the person is serious and the transaction is mutually beneficial.  For those who want to try to scrimp by without investing properly there are some who are more into cheap psychic readings online  but I know because I have searched and searched that you get what you pay for and a discount budget thing tends to be worthless.

You should consult the best online psychic  you can afford and if you need help with something important it is better to wait and leave it rather than go to someone shady.  Save up and return to them when you can afford the real deal.   You can get a past life reading, find out about your reincarnations, to know your past life is quite something, there are even different types of tarot you can ask for such as asho tarot, aeclectic tarot or llewellyn tarot and you can mix it with numerology and have tarot numerology but I doubt you can get such  consultations from amateurs unless you are blessed and lucky but the odds are that the amateur is not going to be any good because if they were they would be doing it properly,  but you are far more likely for it to help if it is done by a qualified professional.

Most of the people who put up websites tend to advertise themselves but then pass on the work to junior staff, I much prefer to do the readings myself.  Why not try to get a free online psychic reading  There are a lot of websites to choose from and many are very professional with a lot of sparkle and glitz and looking the part but what goes on behind the scenes so that you know you will be getting  the tarot as the truth is that very few of them are as professional as they appear and most are not real psychic readings done by someone with psychic awareness. A psychic person who is good at doing readings tend to turn professional unless they are busy raising a family or on the lazy side and some of them are like me where they are already in a very well paid profession and then have to decide which of them to pursue and drop the other. Much to the disgust of many people around me I chose to drop the well paid career to do onlinetarot and be a spiritual advisor instead. 

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Hi Lyndia I do not know how long ago you sent this comment and it got posted but yes it is fraud. I have had the same through my own website and it is a fcking cheek. I bet some of them write to dozens of psychics asking them all the same thing.... they usually tell me that all of their friends recommended me and how wonderful I am and all the things they read about me to flatter me, hoping that I will be so chuffed at hearing these lies I say yes. It would be a proper compliment to pay me,that would mean they are not just wanting something for nothing off of anyone stupid enough to agree.
Lyndia Says:
Yes I have experiences of these . I once knew a lady who had a website called " her name " as if she were the only people there. She wrote to me through my website asking me if I wanted to do all of her psychic clairvoyant tarot readings for her, the ones that come through her site! She was going to continue to tell people it was her when it was me - this is fraud yes .
rychhmo Says:
Shucks. I never knew that a lot of them pass on the readings to other people, that is awful. If I pay to have it done by a senior person it should be done by that person.