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6th May 2019

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Physica readings and ash tarot are very popular and always will be. They date back to goodness knows how long ago and there are even interpretations and preachings in the bible that sound like they are talking about fortune telling.  People seek out  accurate psychic readings online. Those who only dabble in this tend to go for  cheap psychic readings online, perhaps the aeclectic tarot or the llewellyn tarot, tarot numerology is very popular.  through the telephone or through email readings. 

You should go for the very best that you can afford because it is best to only have one oracle that you consult, one special person you turn to in your hour of need and if you choose wisely you only need one reading when you need that help. You can  get a psychic person to give you  consultation from many professionals but there are professionals and professionals. Psychic vs psychic. The really good ones do it full time.  Those who are just doing it as a side line are more common. Those who do it full time are very rare, I am one of those rare ones. For those who want a written consultation via email  you may even be able to get a free email psychic reading  but the snag with these is that most of the fakes refuse to do written ones, they do not like you being able to have proof of what they said.  For clients  who count the pennies but also want to be able to rely on what was told to them you can maybe get a free tarot email reading ?  it depends on how hard you are willing to l.ook because I have never found one so far where you do not have to sign up and give credit card details, email and all the rest, because they are only offering it to you as a sweener in return for getting paid consultations from you later. You can also try to obtain accurate tarot readings online  though few of them are real psychic readings.  There are some very good onlinetarot readers and spiritual advisor out there. People who read for you if you pay them, which is no different to you being paid when you work.

When a relationship suffers and goes wrong people rush to someone like me wanting their help. But which help is the best for them?  It does not follow that a consultation from me or anyone like me can help or change things, but it may well be worth a try and at least you would find out what is going on. 

For those who are more into white magic spells why not go for traditional healers?  People who are scared of being cursed tend to go for the white counter spells, some go for amulets, talismans, charms and other things that tend to be considered to be connected to the occult and spiritualism. 

Rosemary Price 

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wifeuk Says:
I love white spells too, and traditional healing. Amulets, talismans, charms etc are great too. Rosemary Price did me a talisman a few years ago.
Sharon Says:
What you say is true. There is no point in going for a very cheap reading just because it is cheaper if it will not be detailed or the person who is doing it is not very good. But the call centre I work for has lots of people who ring up and expect me to be able to tell them the whole of their problems and future in about five minutes flat, just because it saves them paying for six or more minutes! People can be so mean and selfish.