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7th May 2019

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What is the purpose of good physical readings and white magic spells and why do some people go to great lengths to get accurate psychic email readings ?  I can only guess and I work out that there are those who are more concerned with price so they want to find the cheap psychic readings online and affordable psychics  where they can maybe get two for the price of one, so to speak. Yet they forget that the quality of the two might be awful and neither of the two worth having and listening to. 

You should only pick and  consult the best psychic reading online  because when you go to  get an accurate tarot reading or maybe  basic white magic spells there is always a limit to what you can find when you go to inexperienced and untested and unqualified people, Hence to  get a free email psychic reading might sound like a good idea because it would save you money but it is in reality a bad idea because you do not get quality to go with the price. When you try to get a free online psychic reading  you must also ask yourself if it is done through a proper website how can they afford it? They have to pay for the website and the staff who run it, and pay to be online on google, so they need to bring in money somehow even if only to cover their costs.  Some sites say they offer accurate tarot readings online but I have looked and searched everywhere and never found any worth bothering with.  There are so many fakes out there that pretend to give honest true psychic readings. Real white spells for beginners. 

Rosemary Price 

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classiccargirl Says:
I had a white spell from Rosemary about a year ago. My boyfriend had gone off and I was told he was with another woman - never knew if that was true or not. Rosemary offered to help me but she would not do black magic. At that time I had no idea about the different types or what difference it makes. A friend of mine was going through a similar thing months later and paid someone to do black magic - it was expensive , very expensive, $10,000. And the spell worked. But she forgot that it messes up your karma and comes back on you, and it was not long before the man went off again. So she got what she paid for but not in a good way and it was not worth it. She said to me beware of the ones who pretend to do spells. If they say they are doing a spell for a few bucks they are liars. They will pretend. Which makes sense if they are supposedly learning something and then spending hours on it and sometimes also having to pay for candles and stuff. If they run a shop or a website that eats up a lot of what you pay too, so that does make a lot of sense. Now I CAN tell the difference between white and black magic and would never touch black magic myself.