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Are we Born with Healing Energies?

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Are we born with healing energies?  Yes we all are. Every single one of us has psychic and healer abilities in us when we first pop out and become part of the human race, it is just that few of us are lucky enough to be able to be aware of it. Our parents do not realise it or care or are too busy to help us to attain what we are capable of,  they either shun or ignore these practices or do as many do and only go to a fortune teller, spiritualist, mystic or healer  when it suits them and ignore them the rest of the time, finding this easier than becoming involved, learning and developing or putting in their own efforts and time.

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Are people with these special?  No in a way they are not, maybe they are just born with healing energies,  the ones who develop and study and learn and improve are, but most just do not bother to do this.  Hence you will get someone like myself who has bothered and many thousands who have not, and this makes it look as if it is rare to be able to do these things.  Untrue.  You need to look at the whole picture before you can ever judge someone or something and part of the whole picture with this is how old the person is,  how their life began, what opportunities they had to improve these things,  their personality,  their attitude to life,  whether the had love in their life,  if they had problems and difficulties where very often the clairvoyance will then surface and become important as a way to cope or see things. 

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This is what happened with me Rosemary Price. Someone asked her are we born with healing energies because they were wanting to expand their lives, most never think of it. Without going into a lot of detail on private matters I had a very difficult life as a youngster and a teenager, and this meant  I had to sink or swim,  growing up quickly to some of the horrors in life that people who were five times my age had never seen or experienced means you have little choice, either you rise above it and make yourself a capable and better person or you go under and lose out,  becoming one of those people who never obtain happiness or self fulfillment or achieve anything.  Hence when people tell me that they have not achieved anything because of their difficult childhood this is really an excuse, because they had a choice. They could either give in to it and have an easy but unfulfilled and unhappy life or rise about it and make something of themselves regardless.

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Are we born with healing energies is a definite yes!  Hence those who are good at speaking to others might become therapists or counsellors or teachers and others might become doctors or surgeons but those who are more on the clairvoyant plane are more likely to get involved in this, and this also depends on lifestyle and time and opportunities. Not everyone is able to go to college and become a surgeon, it might mean that a woman is giving up a chance to settle down and have a baby, it might mean that there are not  enough pennies in the coffer to pay for it. But most have the time to devote to a few hours here and there of something very part time.

Take your time to make something of your life and your life makes happiness for you,  do things for others that benefit you also, that way it is a win win situation all around. And if you are not able to heal yourself why not think of doing it another way such as improving your diet, and if you find for one reason or another that is too difficult or that does not interest you get healing from another such as Rosemary Price. 

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One of my concerns re are we born with healing energies is that about children is that parents are often quite incompetent or unfeeling towards them yet others assume they are great parents simply because they are the parents.  People tend to assume that all mothers are good mothers and all fathers are good fathers, even if they are actually hateful, nasty, selfish people, abusive people or cold people.  There is a naivety that goes with the family unit idea.  Some of my clients have been abused as youngsters and when they tell people about their mother or father abusing them people say things to them like "surely not, surely you are misunderstanding what she meant or said etc" and make excuses for them. Rather than accept that the mother or father did what they did they try to twist it into the messenger getting it wrong, because they do not want to have to rethink and evaluate their memories and beliefs of family life.  Very often it is these people who are born with the healing energies that help them to somehow mentally  and emotionally face up to what is going on, deal with it, handle it, learn from it and grow from it. And this is the same whether the abuse is sexual, physical, mental or emotional. psychic

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So the question as to whether or not we are born with healing energies depends on you and how you are able to think, what abilities you have and how determined you are to use them. One would go all out to improve their life and another would be too lazy, yet both have the same abilities. You need to think carefully about your future - not just waiting for things to happen and going as you want them to - not just turning to a web clairvoyant or web psychic  to ask them how things will pan out -  but you also need to see how the past has shaped it. Whether it is your past in this life or in  past lives they both matter and influence things.  You need to wonder about why people behave the way they do, because some behave the way they do due to their past.  You might meet someone who is very unfriendly, suspicious and reclusive,  but instead of just asking yourself how come they are so distant ask yourself why they became that way, what shaped them to be that way,  who did what, what happened? You might find that there are great reasons for it.  Take for example the girl who was locked in a cellar basement in Austria by her father for years where he repeatedly raped her and abused her and prevented her from even spending time with other people or going out,  she has been rescued butr she will never be able to embrace the love and affection and friendship of people in the same easy way that others can.  She has been tainted and even years of therapy can never put all of that right. 

Are we born with healing energies ? 

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healer Says:
Love to heal, love to heal animals and people. Just lay my hands on them and hey presto they feel better.
clairvoyant Says:
My psychic clairvoyant readings are the healing energies I impart to others. My psychic clairvoyant readings help them to heal their lives.
wifeuk Says:
People say I can heal, when I do their hair they feel soothed,and they do not get that when others do their hair. One old lady says she needs her hair done every week because it soothes her so much and makes her feel invigorated.
babysuckseggs Says:
My grandfather used to be able to sooth birds and cats if he just sat with them and held them and stroked them. One day a bird was found in the garden with a broken wing in a lot of distress. He brought it in , talked to it, soothed it, fed it, and within days it was flying off fine. Goodness knows how he did it, I always thought that once a bird had a broken wing it would die. He found a hedgehog in the garden and helped it and a squirrel last year. He has something about him, maybe it is to do with this healing, wish I could do it too. He is not good with people though, prefers to listen to music and read books a lot of the time.
strongsexyone Says:
Donna if I belieeve in this stuff - to be honest with her. But good luck to yous that do. There is a person, an old woman, at my block of flats says she can do healing stuff. When I was poorly she brought me some soup and it was tasty but didno help me. Sad lives we buggars lead.
DavidJonesx2 Says:
My sister is a "healer". She can just touch you or hold your hand and you feel the energy flow through her to you. It is terrific. IF I start to feel a bit ill, say coming down with the flu, she puts her arms around me and holds me for a few minutes and hey presto the next day it is gone. No idea of how she can do it. She has never been for "lessons" or studied the subject.She is not into all these readings, it is something she found out she can do when her little boy was ill and had a high fever. Maybe we all have it? But when I try to do the same thing nothing happens.
Prefer not to give name Says:
This really made me think Rosemary, thanks so much. I had my first reading with you about four or five years ago and boy was my mind blown, I wish I had come across you sooner and not wasted so much time and money on the awful ones out there. You picked up without a word from me that I was suffering because of my past, a nasty uncle, and although it was a bit embarrassing and upsetting to think about it again it helped me a lot. In fact there are a lot of things which have happened to me during my long and lonely life which have led me to believe that I was cursed and then I started to read about this stuff and realised there was more to it than that, and it would be very easy to blame a curse on some of the mistakes I have made instead of seeing them as mistakes. In a few months or so I hope to be able to afford to consult you for a psychic email reading and will do that then if I can, and hope you can unravel some of the mysteries of the past which overwhelm me. You can also tell me a bit about my past and my future if you like.