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Christmas is looming yet again by Rosemary Price psychic medium

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Christmas is looming yet again by Rosemary Price psychic medium.

Wow it seems just a few weeks ago that we had a spectacular Christmas.  It was wonderful.

The only thing missing was snow.

Both my partner and I had been working very hard helping people all year without  a break at all, even weekends very often, and we desperately needed to get away from work and have a change of pace and some me time. We also desperately needed time together instead of being with clients or stuck in our offices or speaking to staff. After all , one of the rewards of work is to be able to  have more choices of how you spend your time and some money to spare.

Unfortunately we also had to deal with some illness and some bad news, things we could not have avoided.  My partner and myself both eat healthily and exercise and keep fit to try to prevent illness. We both beleive that prevention is better than trying to cure.  But not everyone we know is like this so as we get older we hear more and more that this one or that one has become ill - or worse.

Clients who come to me for web tarot readings often say to me that the reason they are addicted to accurate psychic email readings is because they hope to hear if they will be ill.  But is it not better to do your best to prevent illness rather than just sit and wait and hope it does not happen, leaving it all in the lap of the Gods. I recently spoke to a client who is very overweight - all due to her eating habits and eating far too much daily -  who is scared of being ill but will not eat less or change her eating habits, so the odds are that she will develop diabetes 2 or worse due to her own choices and options which she ignores or prefers not to take on.

When people come to me for an email psychic reading advice is part of it.  There is no point to just hearing that this or that will happen and being negative and accepting of it. Far better to see it as something which can be avoided if you choose and make the right choices.  Just as you can choose to avoid being bankrupt or getting into debt by not spending too much or earning more or both.

A good web tarot reading is based on knowing what can be using the tarot cards, good accurate  psychic email readings are about knowing what your life can be but giving you choices. Many take the easy way out and choose to do nothing and then blame bad luck, as though the bad things that happened were inevitable, when it was their choice not to act and change things.

Think of life as a journey in a car where you have a sat nav with you and you look at it and listen to it and it warns you there is a hold up around the corner and suggests a detour. It can warn you, but can urge you, it cannot force you to go the way it believes is best. And this is the same when people have web tarot readings or accurate  psychic email readings. 

Enjoy the clairvoyant psychic readings you have but use them wisely. Do not just lap it up and wait for good news. Think about how you have to do your bit too - by making the right decisions and choices. There are many times I have urged someone to get rid of an unsuitable or bad partner. But no matter how much I have urged them they have made excuses for them or made excuses for themselves to stay with them.  Then they continue to complain at how unhappy they are. The choice was theirs. In some cases they  say they cannot end it because of - and it usually boils down to lack of money - but what they really mean is they do not want to get a job or stand on their own two feet,  that is a choice.  If we sell ourselves to someone and we are choosing to be unhappy with them rather than being single and getting a job and working hard, no clairvoyant tarot psychic reader can help with that, no matter how many web tarot readings and accurate psychic email readings we have.


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