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Fake Reviews by Rosemary Price Psychic Medium

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Fake reviews by Rosemary Price.psychic medium

We get a lot of genuine clients visit my site and then consult me, but we also get a lot of people who are not genuine. These are the ones who have a quick look at the website and decide they are happy to honour me with hours and hours of work for them, but with no intention of paying a cent to cover my expenses or time. They usually send a message through a contact form that tells my staff how fantastic my website is and how much great and wonderful respect they hold for me, and how they realise I am very special and the best - thinking I am sitting there all day on the computer reading such stuff - and have nothing better to do- and that a bit of flattery will get them a huge saving of cash. I think many of them send the same flattering begging letters to dozens of people, they have nothing to lose and much to gain and maybe realise that most will say no but home some will say yes. I wonder if it has occurred to them that it is the same thing as asking for money???!  After all, if I do a reading which normally costs £100 I could have spent that same time doing a reading for a client who paid£100, so I am down £100.  I have also paid for the website, office and staff for that time at my own expense.  Or do they think that I say to my lovely partner that I have decided that instead of going out on a date with him or meeting up with family once a week I will say no to that and set aside the evening and spend it on working very hard - all unpaid - instead? 

Now this is where the psychic fake reviews come in. They then give me, well they send it to my office staff,  their orders - i.e. I need you to put a spell on my ex blah blah or I need a spell and I need a reading and I need healing. They list it the way people would list their grocery shopping list. But all with no intention of paying a cent to cover my expenses or time. Sometimes their list has so much on it there would be two or three weeks of work!  Yet all free!  We find it quite amusing that the ones who pay say they want a normal reading but the ones who think they can have as much as they want without paying a cent make a huge list, it would take me at least a week to do what they have listed!  Because they think that it is all going to be free for them their list has got longer and longer. You can imagine can't you. Just as if they could go on a free holiday they would choose the most expensive holiday or try to get five holidays.  In fact one of the reasons people like me charge is because if we  did not charge people would be forever sending us requests and long lists and we would never get a second to ourselves.  We would never be able to keep up with demand.

Psychic fake reviews would never happen if clairvoyants did not get jealous of each other and unrealistic clients did not get ideas of freebies. Now as you know if you have read the website properly those who cannot afford to consult me can afford one of my team who are cheaper instead. A normal nice fair sane person would either save up to consult me personally or decide that my website is too expensive for them and they would rather use a call centre or agency where they employ people who are not established or proven or consult one of my team or wait for a bit, and some would say to themselves look I really do not NEED a reading, I can always just wait and see and play it by ear like lots do, a reading is a luxury that I cannot afford or do not need that badly.  I would rather spend that money on my utility bills or my second car or a holiday. Fine. But to write up psychic fake reviews instead if dishonest and mean. I have never heard of people deciding that they can go into a grocer shop or a travel agent and say to them what they write to me - about how they want this this this and this and all for free. Or how they feel justfied in turning nasty with the shop or travel agent when they refuse!

Presumably they like to think that they are "only" asking me for my expertise and time so this is not costing me the way a tin of beans costs.  But they are wrong. My time is valuable same as theirs is - I could spend it earning money other ways - I used to earn far more money before I gave up my original legal career to do this -  and I could arrange to meet a friend or spend more time with my husband or family or hobbies if I was not working so many hours. If I give it away to them that means I have to let down other clients - who would be very disappointed - and it also means that I did not earn any money on those days - either to cover the costs of my website and all the rest such as office and staff or my wages.

And here is the rub. I know for a fact that some of the people who have tried it on with me, Rosemary Price,  this way and then got angry when they did not get their long list of free services put psychic fake reviews about me or bad mouth me to people.  They often lie.  They might say that they tried to contact me and my staff would not let them speak to me. Which is totally untrue.  What they really mean is my staff would not let them have a free consultation.  Because I only speak to people who have booked and paid for one. And they did not like it. They want to think that they are somehow more special than my real clients and somehow can avoid paying even though real clients cannot. When this goes wrong they want to get their revenge.  So a review of an  site might say I did them a crap reading when they never had a reading. What really happened was that they sent me a list asking me to do a spell and and a reading for free and then wrote the nasty review when they did not get it and were told they had to pay.

rosemary price psychic readings

One of my clients let me know recently that someone had put psychic fake reviews about me. It went on and on about how rude my staff were to "her?" when she phoned them asking for prices etc. Yet my staff never speak to anyone on the phone.  All of the information is given on the site. And people read prices here, there is no need to make a phone call or expect my staff to stop the work they are doing to speak to them - that is what the website is for. Nobody in their right mind would expect or want someone to sit there reading page after page on the website to them! Can you imagine them asking how much it is for a short reading, then how much it is for a longer one, then how much it is if they have it done quicker, this would go on forever! . If I had to pay people to sit by the phone all day to answer such queries then I might as well not be wasting money on a website at all, and it would cost a great deal more, the staff could easily spend an hour talking about prices with someone, when it makes far more sense to read it here rather than waste an hour of that person;'s time, and then the prices of the consultations would have to go up to cover all the extra expense. By reading it on the site you can take your time and do it when it suits you and there is no nonsense about she said this and she said that and quoting different to what they were told.  Another lady had written to me nagging me for a free reading, which of course she did not get. Then she wrote some vile replies to this calling me names and threatening me.  Yet she then tells people that we were rude to her. Oh dear more psychic fake reviews.  Well sorry but refusing to do free consultations is not rude. It is very rude, selfish and greedy to ask Rosemary Price for them.

If you cannot afford a reading then do one of these -

Go to someone in your family / friend who does it as a hobby, they are happy to do it for free...

Go to a forum and chatter to other amateurs and swap free readings with them

Learn how to do your own readings 

Go to a very cheap clairvoyant who is new to the job,  no reputation,qualifications or experience, it will be far cheaper

Save up!  Get a second job, get a part time job, do over time,  if it really matters to you

Look at what you spend on other things and cut down on some. Smoke less, drink less, party less, holiday less, you have to cut your expenses down from the one thing if you really want another

Or do what many people do - forget about having tarot readings altogether. It is not an essential of life. You can go through the whole of a lifetime without any readings from a reader such as myself. Lots of people have happy and fulfilled life without ever having consulted a psychic by the time they die. It is a luxury! 

So when you read a review bear in mind that some are put my people who tried it on and failed and want "revenge".Some are put by other psychics and call centres and agencies who are sour and want to ruin competition.  You should be able to work out which is which if you read the whole thing carefully and properly - i.e. it does not make sense to say they spoke to my staff on the phone when everything is done through a website with no phone calls unless you have made and paid for a phone reading with me. I have been helping people - full time - with tarot and clairvoyant readings for more than forty years, so you would expect some jealousy wouldn't you. 

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Rosemary Price psychic  fake reviews 

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Jason Says:
I had a girlfriend who tried to get a free psychic reading from a site and got angry when that did not work, so she went on one of those scam advisor sites and put nasty stuff - lies - about them. It was so unfair, I dumped her. If she can be this nasty to strangers imagine how she might be to me one day.
You learn something new every day. I am just about to set up my own little psychic and tarot shop Rosemary and, to be honest, am having second thoughts now. I am going to have to scrape together the money to pay the rent on the shop, then electricity, gas etc and then give up my little job in the supermarket to be there. If I am going to get people come in nagging for free ones and then being spiteful I might as well not bother.
Amy Butt Says:
Always knew there were creeps who wanted something for nothing but never dreamt that they would be so nasty about it when it goes wrong!
Isabel Says:
Hello Rosemary, I think it is disgusting that people ask you for free readings. I do readings as a part time thing on Thursday evenings and weekends, and that means less time with my husband and children. I will be honest, we need the money, we have four little mouths to feed, and I believe that if you do them free people take you for granted too. I would never do a reading for free, so to me it is even more ridiculous when people come to someone like you and expect that. I wonder what they do for a living and if they ever work for free themselves? Doubt it.