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Is it good to be popular?

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Is it good to be popular? My site has been up for a long time, before that for many years I had another site up. Most of you will not know this but it costs a lot of money to get a site up and running and keep it up there, even more to make sure that someone keeps it flowing and keeps it working well and tidies it up regularly, even more to make sure it is seen in google and not just out there in the clouds where nobody ever finds it.

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Of course, because I have a lot of clients I can pay for the cost of this out of the income from those clients. Or can I?

Sometimes as an act of generosity I write for Quora. My regular followers on Quora and Twitter know that I am  a full time professional spiritualist psychic who earns her living this way.  Yet most days my office receives emails from people who say they have read my posts on Twitter or Quora and desperately need my help. They then tell me all about their problems, which are often not really problems, more about not having a perfect life  - i.e. I have a job  but need your help to get a much better job -   and to add insult to injury they tend to say that they must get a reply within hours. So, they are telling me that it is important that they get paid very well when they work, but they expect me to work for free. Something a paying client would not bother to say as they would have read the site and used some sense and worked out that that would never happen.  But to really add insult to injury they say they are looking forward to hear from me soon with all of the solutions to their life and nothing at all about paying. I wonder if they are bright enough to see that my own life would suffer badly if I agreed. 

Is it good to be popular? Not when clients are not genuine.  Genuine clients go to the email psychic reading  page or the psychic telephone reading page , select which service they want and pay there. Everything on the site makes it clear I am a professional and makes it clear I charge.  Who would pay for the website if I worked for free? Why would I bother to list prices if it were free?   Why would I help someone get a great job with a high income and get no income myself and run at a loss at my own expense? None of this makes sense.

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Of course, the people who write to me like this do not get what they want,  their emails do not even read me, my staff bin them or reply to them for me.  But it makes you realise why some people have an unhappy or bad life, if they expect so much from others and think life is a one way street.  But people who contact my office genuinely get the best possible help they can.  I do excellent spiritual readings and they know it.

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The women who beg me to tell them about the man they treated badly who dumped them and expect me to sort it all out for free are really telling me why the man dumped them.  Because they are selfish and mean.  They were selfish and mean with him and now trying to be selfish and mean with me asking me to sort it all out for free!   What makes them think that everyone else is a paying client but they are special and different and can avoid the paying bit?  What makes them think that the real clients pay and wait approximately five days or pay to have their reply bumped up and quicker yet theirs is done instantly by return all for free, far quicker than the work I do for paying clients? To be honest there is something wrong with anyone who thinks this will happen or is fair.

Psychics do get a lot of people who need help with mental health issues write to them. Thankfullly I am a qualified therapist and can see through and help these people too. But if they do not want help enough to treat me or whoever with respect and pay then they do not get the help.  That is how life works. Is it good to be popular? 

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anonymous Says:
Everything has it's good and bad, you can see anything in a bad way if you want to. It is how you see it and handle it that matters.Look at the very famous and rich psychics, they don't say being psychic is a curse, they thank their lucky stars.
Reuben Says:
Joan, bonnie, it is only like a curse if you do not control it, and psychics who cannot control it need to develop themselves more to get to that stage.
Joan Says:
Can see what you mean bonnie.... it is a bit like a curse but only if you do not control how you spend your time and what people get from you. I went through all of this with people always expecting me to read their palm or do their astrology chart, I learnt how to say no, NO.
bonnie Says:
To me being a psychic is like being cursed. Everyone wants you, everyone wants you to be there for them when they want help, nobody is ever wanting to help us. They will come to us at midnight, 3 am, sunday, whenever it suits them, they see is as being like a spiritualist form of Superman or Batman and Robin, but we are also supposed to have millions of pounds tucked away so that we can live on fresh air while we do it.
Joan Says:
Who knows eh? Suppose it depends on what you get out of being popular. My dad used to be popular cause he made his own wine and everyone wanted him to give them a few freebie bottles, but he got fed up with it as he was the one buying all of the ingredients, spending time on it and all the rest. He told one guy to buy himself a wine making kit if he was so keen on home made wine. He would make a dozen or so bottles at a time and it soon went.
Ineverrunaway Says:
I get where you are coming from. I work as a therapist and often get people contacting me claiming that they are upset or need help with talking through the past etc. Yet once I am talking to them properly it is easy for me to see that they have deep issues which affect them. Things which cannot just be talked about a bit, personality disorders, violent streaks and so on. They try to trivialise what is wrong. Very often if a person claims they are depressed they are really suffering from a disorder and it is not as simple as that, but the word depression has become common and is acceptable now, where they would not accept the label attached to them if they put the correct label on themselves. If they cannot face up to the real problem and admit to themselves that they really have *** illness and it is not depression it is hard for it to get helped. If I say anything about the real problem they will say oh no it is only depression. Yet many people who have real depression would simply take medication from the doctor and not be consulting me at all. I am sure that psychics and spiritualists get people contacting them asking them things which are not sane or normal and expecting too much of them for the same reason. And people who are not honest with themselves about what their problems are. It is hard to tell when someone is who they claim to be and if they really believe it themselves.

One of my colleagues works similar to Rosemary, she is a therapist who is also a clairvoyant and reads the cards,though shes is nowhere near as famous as Rosemary or as busy. But she told me once that a lot of the people who consult her for readings should really be going to her for therapy. Instead of facing up to their limitations and problems they try to think that the Universe or future or fate or people they meet will be the answer to all of their problems. A good example is when people expect the Universe or a psychic to make them rich instead of realising that they need to get a proper job or not keep spending their money.
#1 Says:
Life has an inevitable system that always reacts to the opposite of your actions and what you put out there to the universe. I like to start any project or business by giving products/services samples away and networking with new people just to build a trust with the general public and show them my work ethic because I know with the sweet will come the bitter. However in anything you do there is a moral code of conduct even as in business and either as a consumer or a CEO/business owner. I can relate to this post because spiritual gifts are taken advantage of all the time. Overlooked because the masses aren't educated but more curious or simply trying to get over. Spiritual health is a component in making up total health and if that part isn't developed then you could never be fully complete. Just like we wash up and rest our outter bodies, our spirit has to be cleansed and recharged too. As a comsumer,cleanse all of the doubt and fears you have about the places your instincts lead you and recharge with the new energies of your spiritual journey. Be willing to invest in your spiritual health as you would your physical health because a doctor could never stop a broken heart or help you attract money or even clear up haunting curiosities about your life. As a spiritual guidance seeker now is the time to be real with yourself and make a clear decision if you would like to get the help you really want, learn more about it first, or move on completely. Just like any other service, you should want to satisfy your tarot reader so that she feels good and trust can be established and built. If you are asking for help that goes beyond what is in inventory, you should want your reader to be able to provide that for you. If you have goals of being successful in any avenue, start to make these changes now so you will reap an abundant harvest.
As a tarot reader staying consistent and true to your purpose will keep the energies high for prosperity!