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Live zodiac tarot readings by Rosemary Price psychic 

I offer some terrific instant free readings on here right now, no sign up. Enjoy. 

As regular users and readers of this site you will know (and you probably would know anyway if you work in or have worked in the psychic field) that there are a lot of non genuine people out there who try to take advantage of or use clairvoyants.  Many of them are quite blatant about it and will send us a little message saying something like


Hi Rosemary,


I really need your help.  My husband has left me again. I must get him back. You must help me and tell me what will happen and what to do.... blah blah blah.


My date of birth is.... his date of birth is... my name is... his name is.... you must write back urgently today... thanks.  


No mention of how this gets paid for! They seem to think that if they say thank you and say it it in what seems to be a respectful way then my office staff (who expect to get paid for coming in to work every day) will pass this on to me and say hey Rosemary this one is different, this one does not have to pay. I am happy to work all day for free today so that she can have a free reading.

Or do they think I will send a round robin email out to all of my regular clients and say hi X, there is a lady who does not want to pay. Would you like to pay a few dollars towards it? It is obvious that spending the time on doing and sending out and dealing with such a request would be more time consuming and costly than doing the reading.

You know, I can remember when I was about twenty years of age and living alone.  In those days I lived in a very small house which was very run down. It badly needed new windows,  it badly needed decent carpets and a new boiler. I could not afford a holiday or a car and I had to work seven days a week to make ends meet. I also had to get in two paying tenants/lodgers letting out the two bedrooms to them so that I could pay the loan on my tiny house. And because that was still not enough I made and sold candles, jams and flans to local shops.  All in an effort to keep my head above water. You see I used to work in the legal field, I was a legal administrator and earnt a very good wage, I also used to get something that many take for granted - holiday pay and sick pay.  But I had given that up to work as a full time professional instead. But instead of continuing to work in the legal field and get a good income I had given that up to be a psychic and was earning far less.

Despite being a psychic, numerologist and tarot card reader I still had to pay for my house, gas, electricity, food, clothes etc. Strange that.  I never said to the local butcher (where I sold the flans) hey butcher, I am skint and short of money, give me a big piece of steak for free.  I knew that if I wanted it I had to earn the money to pay for it.  Yet food is something we need. We need it every day. We do not need tarot card readings and psychic clairvoyant readings - we may want them and we may feel that if we do not get them we will hurt more or worry more or be sadder, but that is not the same as a need. We need air, health, food etc we do not need to be free of sadness, worry or whatever. That is a luxury.  And if we are not happy to work hard to pay for our psychic readings then why would we expect to get them?  We work to pay for our food, clothes, holidays etc so why is this different?

So why do people think it is alright to come to a psychic and expect that the psychic pays for their staff, office, website and wages out of thin air,  and then works for free?

It is because they think we should feel sorry for them,  our need to help people and nurture people should be so strong that we are not sensible about it.  They forget it is our full time job. They foget it costs us money to do it. They compare us to the many amateurs who  only do one reading a month or less and do it for free because most of their time is spent doing a " proper job"  they get paid for. They forget that we might get a hundred emails like that every single day and if the word got out that we had said yes to a few that would become a thousand a day. In fact I would then have to hire a lot more staff - and pay them - to read these emails. Yet they would not expect other people in other caring professions to be that caring and nurturing. They understand that a nurse gets paid, a doctor, a surgeon, a therapist, a counsellor, a lawyer, solicitor and those people are not paying out  a fortune for their own websites/offices and staff! It is much easier to give your skills and time away for free if you can just turn up and do it without having an office, staff and website to pay for.

Does it make sense that I pay people a great deal of money every week so that they can read requests from people asking for free work?  And where would the money come from to pay them?

Then there is the website designer. He expects to be paid properly for the website and each week he needs more because he works on the site every working day.  He does not tell me that as I am a clairvoyant it is free.

Yesterday I had a new client write to me who was very worried and upset about something.

I would have felt very sorry for her and I did but then my staff member says oh yes and she sent you a message too.  Saying that she wants the reading done urgently but she was unable to pay for that bit on the site   (!)

In other words instead of paying for that on the site she thinks that sending a little message saying she wants it is enough.  Oh dear. That is the same as asking me for £30.

It would be very unfair on me, obviously, but even more unfair on the decent genuine clients who accept that they pay for it to be done quicker or they wait longer.

Why would someone make her an exception?  If she does not think it is important enough to pay for then it does not happen. It cannot be that important!

I am grateful that many of my regular clients are far more realistic about how the World and life works.

Have a lovely day all.

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6789 Says:
It beggars belief that people think it is okay to approach a decent hard working person and ask them for money - yes it is the same. If the reading is worth £150 and you ask for it for free you are asking the clairvoyant for £150. I read that Rosemary has always worked hard and had to be resourceful to pay her way, you can do the same. If you want a reading and you cannot afford it then cut down on other things - clothes, make up, hair, holidays, trips, whatever it takes. Or get your friend to do it for free. Your friend will not be any good or nowhere near as good but that is what happens when it is free.
Jane Klunt Says:
I must admit that I am guilty of thinking that if I told a psychic I am poor they should and would help me for free. But I had never thought of it in practical terms and from their point of view. I see it as just asking a question or just having half an hour of their time - but of course their time has to be paid for, that is what they sell, and they have expenses too, so that was silly of me. I do apologise. I help out some of the local mothers with babysitting evenings. I do not need the money, I live with parents, I do not have an office or website or staff to pay but I still charge for the babysitting because it is only fair I get paid for my time. Suppose I have been a hypocrite. So sorry.
Beryl Parker Says:
If we always can go to psychics and get free help where does it end? Do we then go to doctors and accountants and lawyers and get free help too? Cannot see how it is different. And when do we grow up and take responsibility and ownership for our own lives and problems. Psychics are not our parents. They are not here to wet nurse us, burp us and change our nappies. And even nannies and babysitters get paid when they do those things.
Constance Says:
As a fan of psychic stuff I like coming here, but I feel sorry for psychics like Rosemary Price who sacrifice so much of their time - their life - to helping others and think, if you do not mind me saying, they should be more selfish with their time. After all time is so valuable and can never be replaced. A friend of mine wanted to have a psychic session with Rosemary Price and contacted her office expecting her to be sitting on the computer ready to read her mail and write back personally! Honestly. People live in a dream world.
This site is a joy, I come here to sort out my psychic tarot clairvoyant readings but always have a look at the blogs and articles too.
Baker Says:
Have been following this tarot and psychic site for quite a while and really pleased with it. Been into tarot and psychic stuff for years and always wanted to find a tarot and psychic site which is more than just an advert asking for money.
olive garden Says:
Forget those people Rosemary, I can understand it gets annoying, it annoys me too, I have a website where I do psychic drawings for people and get these twits write to me asking me to do them for free - I just ignore them. I would get very very annoyed though if they chose to pay, got their drawing and then tried to get their money back, that is unforgiveable.
5c5c Says:
Sorry but do not want to put my real name to the comment as a regular user and have my own psychic website. It shames me to read about how some of the people try to treat and cheat psychics, but yes I have had people try to do this with me. My prices are not too high and I do a good service but I still get them write and ask me if I can "just do this one for free" and pretending that if they like it they will come back - when they would have no need to. It really is a cheek. It costs me a lot to be online and have a website, I need to get that back from clients.
WRD Says:
Makes me laugh! It is as though we should be more worried about whether their husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/partner comes back than they are! They cannot be bothered to sort out their finances and find a way to pay us but we should be enthralled by feeling useful and valuable to them even though they do do not value us. Can you imagine someone going to a surgeon and saying look I need an operation, it is very important, but I would rather spend my money on going to Hawaii or a new car than paying you. Is that ok?
JennyClarence Says:
Hi Rosemary. I used to work as a fortune teller / psychic until a few years ago. First for the call centres and then tried it for myself and in a local new age shop. I was aghast at the attitude of a lot of the people. Once they knew my phone number they thought they could ring me all hours expecting me to stop whatever and stand there and listen to their problems for an hour or so - all free. Sometimes they would use the excuse they would pay me next time, of course there never was a next time as they would ring again and try to get all of it over the phone for free with no intention of coming over or coming to the shop and paying. Others would give me sob stories yet often had a lot more money than me. I was wondering whether or not to continue with this as I had been offered a different job and could not do both. In the end I decided on the other job as it had a guaranteed wage of so much an hour, which was not that bad, holiday pay and sick pay and none of that will pay you later one day maybe stuff!
Marjxx25woods Says:
I have just come to this site and read about how experienced and qualified Rosemary is and am gob smacked that anyone could think it is alright to approach a stranger and ask them to work for free. Like Rosemary (or whoever wrote this) says it is even more ridiculous and rude when the person they are contacting has expenses in just being there for them. Two years ago I had a reading from a friend for free, she offered it, I would never have been greedy enough to expect it or ask for it, but we tend to help each other. She would do me a tarot reading and I would bake her a cake, so we are both giving and receiving and both happy. I know that if I was very greedy and selfish I could ask her for (FREE) tarot card readings most days, but that would take up all of her time and exhaust her, and it would not be fair if I did not give back too. So to me it is obvious that when it is a stranger or that person is doing it as a full time job it is ridiculous. Why can people not see this? Or is it a case of how they write to a dozen or more psychics trying it on hoping that at least one will say yes? Perhaps it is because these people are so selfish that they have so many problems in their life? Who knows? I am not a wealthy person, I work in a florist shop for minimum wage, I have to save up for the nice things I want, and I saved up to contact Rosemary. IF I cannot afford it then I don't do it!