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Peter Wyngarde moves on

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It would not be right to go into details of why a  crystal ball client comes to me, that is private and confidential, but I can tell you that Peter Wyngarde, who passed over yesterday 18th January 2018, was a client of mine. He was also a very gentle, kind, courteous, considerate, thoughtful, nice person. I add this because I have had other famous people and celebrities contact me about having a crystal ball reading with me and some of them were so full of themselves and arrogant they tried to talk to me (and failed ) as if I were nothing but a turd on the sole of their shoe.  Some famous people and celebrities lack the art of being nice and polite to others. But Peter Wyngarde was probably one of the most polite of them all. He was sensational in Jason King and Department S, he was also very good in The Avengers, he really could age, and when he was young he was a very handsome and attractive man, although he was gay and that was no secret.  Rest in peace Peter Wyndgarde. 

Rosemary Price 

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