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We have great news for you - Rosemary Price now offers cleromancy psychic readings. For those who do not know this is the art of burning a candle and then reading what the future has in store or what the elements, spirits , angels or fate wants to tell the client / customer that the reader is working for whatever information, news, decisions, opinions, advice they want to pass on to her or him. It is a very old and unusual method which is rarely found because many see it as impractical and time wasting.  There are not many psychics out there who are willing to spend money on candles and regularly make sure they are stocked up with them,   find somewhere suitable to burn them, clear up the mess after and all the rest that goes with it. But most of all not many are willing to learn how to read the shapes which are created in the candle itself.

This method of divination works in a similar way to that of tea leaf, coffee cup readings, because you concentrate on the shapes and images there and somehow know what they mean and some of this comes from research and learning and other bits of it come from just knowing, in much the same way as some readers can just know when gazing at a crystal ball or shifting around a bowl of sand.  Incidentally I used to offer  with sand and they were very popular indeed, just as popular or more so than the tarot card readings I then offered.

So do make sure that if you want Rosemary Price psychic or one of her team to include this in your email reading that you add this to your psychic email reading and have the whole of the experience you want,  remembering that by adding another method(s) to the mix will make your email psychic reading more in depth too. 

Remember too that there are some cases where it is very  important to have a more in depth clermancy reading. For example, we received a mail recently from a new client who wanted to ask us many questions about her ex - she wanted us to use his dates of birth, name , star sign, and answer a whole list of questions about him and whether or not they would get back together, why he went,  would they get married and much else. Yet she only booked the basic 100+ word cheapest reading which does not include numerology or go into lots of detail and give lots of time. And you need a lot of time to do such a reading.  So please, when ordering from us do read the information carefully and take your time to choose which service is best for you, do not just pick out the cheapest cleromancy and then expect us to give it far more time and cram a lot more into it than is possible.   People sometimes forget that the 100+ word  are not just shorter but we put less time into them too - just common sense when you think about it.

Think of it like this... we sometimes go out to eat and have fish and chips and peas.  If we are very hungry and want a big meal we have the large portion. If we just want a snack and are feeling a bit peckish and not really very hungry then we go for the small budget meal. But we do not expect the small budget meal to be as big or fill us up as much.

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