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By famous clairvoyant and psychic Rosemary Price,  extensively tested by The British Astrological and Psychic Society, some of their experts are regular clients. Not happy with this though Rosemary set up  The Psychic & Allied Science Society in 1980 so that those who were asking her for help in setting up their own business or who wanted to be signed up with an authentic Society had somewhere they could trust to turn to.  Some of these people were asking her to employ them to work for her. This was in the time when Rosemary owned and ran a large telephone psychic network where each and every one of her staff had been checked out thoroughly before they were allowed to speak to clients to do sittings for them.    Rosemary noticed that whenever people applied for a position as a work at home telephone psychic many of them were clearly inexperienced, or worse still had never done it before, or were not very good at readings, some just trying to make it up as they went along, and more interested in finding ways to earn money than in satisfying clients.

Everyone who came to her for a job had to pass stringent tests and prove themselves. Only a tiny fraction would get through. Those that got through were able to join the Society.  This meant they would be able to work for Rosemary as a telephone psychic for her network and could also be signed up to be able to use those credentials in their own business dealings so that clients would have faith in athem and trust them.  The psychic & allied science society. The society now has over two hundred members out of thousands who applied to join. 

Wow what a busy year this has been. As usual mostly people needing consultations using tarot cards, oracle cards, clairvoyance and crystal ball, but also healing, spells and advice.  And as usual mostly females. If we have to be precise many of them are about 20 - 40.  We are picking up more and more regular people who are returning so getting even busier as that snowballs.

What is it about the tarot cards, oracle cards, clairvoyance and crystal ball that appeals to people? I think it is partly that they can go and get a listening ear or sound off to people they know for free,  they need more than that, they need answers, solutions, predictions and facts so that they are no longer guessing. The tarot cards, oracle cards, clairvoyance and crystal ball give them more information than simply nodding and smiling and sympathising.

They could write to a newspaper or magazine, to an advice columnist or agony aunt if they only want to get sympathy , guidance and opinions. They need something concrete, something black and white to go with it. Especially as many newspapers and magazines simply send them a vague letter about whatever the subject was, a sort of leaflet that they send out to hundreds of people a year,  or a link to a website they could have found for themselves if they spent a short time googling!  The tarot cards, oracle cards, clairvoyance and crystal ball can give answers, predictions and hope on top of that. The psychic and allied science society.  The British astrological and psychic society. 

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William Says:
I was one of the British Astrological and Psychic Society examiners. In those days I worked as a tarot card reader in the West End of London, now I have health problems and am retired. I tested a lot of the people who came to BAPS asking to be accepted on their register as bona fide, many of them did not pass the test, Rosemary Price did. I would happily come to her for another reading if I needed one.
abcdef Says:
Years ago I wrote to a magazine for advice on a man. The woman wrote to me saying this and that and it was clear she had not read my letter properly as half of what she was telling me had nothing to do with what I had said and was all wrong.
Joan Renalds Says:
This is so right. My friends were telling me to dump my cheating ass of a hubby, but they had all taken back a hubby who was worse. Rosemary Price did the tarot cards and oracle cards and understood how I FELT and what I should do without being judgmental and taking over my life. She worked with me instead of expecting me to just follow what she told me.
Jim Says:
I came to Rosemary Price for a tarot card reading when my wife left me. I was sick of half of my mates telling me she would come back (how on earth could they know that????!!! and why did they assume I wanted her back anyway????!!!!!) and the other half telling me there are plenty more fish in the sea. I needed to KNOW how things were, and Rosemary Price told me thank you.