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Should I consult a fortune teller about my husband?

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Should I consult a fortune teller about my husband?

Advice needing blog number 2....  We make sure that we do not give any details about the actual client(s) who have consulted us on the issues we raise in these blogs. The point of them is to get you to think !  To be more analytical and capable in your thinking and it would be great if you could get some help by reading it, or comment below advising the pretend writer on what you think she should do.

My name is Jacqueline, I am a white female aged 32 who has been married to a white male aged 32 for six years. Everything was fine, we both had a good job, we both enjoyed each other's company, we have nice families and friends and we have a good variety of hobbies. There were no problems at all. But now my husband (John) tells me that he has started to wish that he was single. That he regrets getting married.  He says he loves me and he wants me in his life, and he wants a relationship of some sort with me, but the whole thing about being man and wife and living together has worn thin and is not for him.  This really hurt me because we were getting on with life and having such a lot of fun, even had a great sex life, but I have turned away from him now.  I feel hurt because it is like he has said that he wished he had never been with me this seriously from the start.  If we were living together without being married he would have left or asked me to leave. Yet at the same time he insists he loves me and wants me in his life!  These things just do not make sense to me. We have talked and talked and nothing makes any difference, we just go around in circles, so what do I do?

We have had this issue for three months. He has told me every day for three months that he knows he is hurting me, that he hates hurting me, but that honesty is important. That I must tell him what I want to do about it as he wants to hurt me as little as possible. So - what do I do?

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Dear One Says:
Think your hubby, John, is thinking life is passing him by the grass might be greener on the other side. The tarot cards say he would feel younger if single. But he also knows there are many benefits to being with you and does not want to lose it. This will pass.