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Was Lacey Turner right to name her baby Dusty Violet Kay?

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Was Lacey Turner right to name her baby Dusty Violet Kay?

For those who do not know her Lacey Turner is a very talented full time actress in the UK,  Eastenders, she also tried her luck in the USA.  She is so talented and gorgeous you must wish her well. She had two miscarraiges so this baby is very, very , very , very important to her life.  She gave a lot of thought to naming it.

In the end the name she came up with and chose being Dusty Violet Kay !  Nowhere near as weird or horrible as many other baby names I have come across, i.e. Blanket , Michael Jackson!

What do you think? Is it a name you would have chosen?

Or like me do you believe it is not our business and entirely up to her to decide, whether we like it or not?

Or do you feel sorry for the little mite?

Rosemary Price

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Dawn Says:
It is not a name I would choose for one of my own babies but I agree that if she likes it no matter what we think it is her choice.