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What is the point to clairvoyant psychic medium readings?

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What is the point to clairvoyant psychic medium readings?

The point is the same as it would be for palmistry, tarot cards, i ching, rune stones, crystal ball and all the other forms of divination, prophecy and fortune telling. The actual method makes no difference, it is the purpose for which it is used for. Some use ot because they want answers to questions, others because they need insight, some want solutions, some want to find out more about a person, perhaps so that they can decide whether or nor to stay with them or leave them, some want to know about an ex and hope they will return and others want to know about an ex who they want to forget forever, some are so hurt by someone that they are confused and dazed and want their fortune teller to reveal all about that person so they can understand it all better, though the odds of them finding someone who can do that is a million to one and even if they did it is unlikely they would be realistic about how much this costs or be able to afford it.

I often get people contact me who say they want to have an accurate psychic reading with Rosemary Price psychic, it must be Rosemary Price psychic because she is so qualified and has so many years of experience, they must have a clairvoyant medium who ticks all of the boxes, yet at the same time they want to spend the same amount it would cost to consult an amateur at a fair, so of course they cannot afford Rosemary Price psychic at all, because they cannot have it both ways where they want all of the experience and qualifications but without the cost that gets attached to it. Can you imagine if an accountant, lawyer or doctor was working their way up and studying and practicing for years and then worked for the same fees as their juniors who had not done this? It would be ridiculous, there would be no point to them being there, they would be better off passing on all of their work to cheap juniors then.

You will notice that Rosemary Price psychic has stopped offering phone readings. One of the reasons is because people expected her to be able to answer about 100 important deep questions very quickly one after the other in the space of just a few minutes, with no thought to how she must get a connection and needs time to shuffle tarot cards and lay them out and read them.  They were so intent on getting loads of answers quickly they did not think of whether or not this was fair to Rosemary Price psychic or realistic. 

When she does an email reading she can concentrate properly and just one sentence that you receive could have taken her half an hour. Where she was able to get on with it without someone breathing down her neck and jostling her to hurry up because it costs them money if it takes longer.

We presume these people are used to ringing the cheap psychic hot lines where the amateurs are quick to answer questions that way, simply because they tell lies and make it up to please people rather than be accurate and do it properly.  You get what you pay for. Psychic hotlines are cheap for a reason. 

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Leslie Says:
Hi Rosemary or whoever, I had a reading with you about two years ago and it was really good and helpful too. I used to ring the terrible psychic hotlines and as you say, or the person whoever wrote this said, they are awful, just tell you what you wanta hear, just try to string you along and keep you sweet so to speak. Much better to speak to accurate honest person who gets it right, that can help, stringing me along would just have wasted my time and money and mean it all goes wrong in the end.