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Where can I get accurate psychic readings by Rosemary Price psychic

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Where can I get accurate psychic readings by Rosemary Price psychic.

You may think it is easy to go onto the web and find a website that claims to give accuracy, and it is, but only a tiny percentage of those who promise it deliver it.  And if you are seeking a free or very cheap sitting then the odds are you will not have any chance of getting it at all.

You tend to get what you pay for. And if a reader was very accurate they would be snowed under with work - as I am -  loads of people contacting them every day hoping to speak to them or hear from them soon.  They would have to charge a reasonable and fair amount to stop some of those people writing to them a dozen times a month, taking up too much of their valuable time and preventing others from having their turn.

When I started out as a reader I did it all for free and intended to continue to do it for free. I did not mind that I had to work all day in office, I had a very well paid job with a lot of responsibility and it was very interesting. I did not mind that I would return home early evening to another list of clients waiting to see me that  night. That was fine. BUT I did mind that some of them would expect to come over every single day and spend the whole evening sitting there with me if I let them. When I needed to desperately try to find some time for housework , washing my hair and having a bath,  shopping and the other things that all humans want and need to do such as seeing people they care about and relaxing.

So I reluctantly had to charge to keep such people from wanting to be virtually living in my home with me and gobbling up all of my time.

Hence there is no such thing as a reader who is very good yet free or cheap. Because if they were really good and giving it away that cheaply or for free they would be so busy with it that they would be too busy to fit you in and not looking for more clients.

One way to know that the session you are getting is accurate is if you pay a fair price. Another is if the person has a proper website. Another is if they have some sort of proven background, as I have, check it out here.  Rosemary Price psychic. 

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anonymous Says:
Thank goodness someone has seen the light. I work as an assistant in a shop, out back, sorting out orders and staff rotas and tills. It is hard work. Because I told a few neighbours and friends that I love to do tarot card readings every time the phone rings it is someone who wants me to just have a look about this or that - their idea of just have a look could easily take more than an hour! They ring me when I am in the bath or serving up lunch. Just do not have the time to devote to it. I would much rather work my job and then get home and do nothing.
Hi Rosemary, I know another lady who has a similar problem to you. She was a teacher and worked all day in school with the children. She had read a few palms for friends and people near her and word spread and soon she kept getting people wanting her to do this for them. They would turn up in the evening or at the weekend. But she had already been working hard all day, and very often she was due to go out to visit her sister or see her boyfriend in the evening. She got behind with visits, with resting, with everything, because she was polite and nice and did not want to hurt people by saying no. In the end after thinking about it lots she stopped doing the psychic work because it was too exhausting and took up too much time. And one time she had a very strange woman turn up and come in to see her and get very angry and nasty and threaten her when she did not tell her what she want to hear, this scared her, the idea of another violent type of person coming into her home to see her.
William Says:
I consulted Rosemary Psychic the clairvoyant psychic many years ago when I tested her. She had asked to be authenticated as genuine by The British Astrological and Psychic Society and I was one of the examiners. She passed all of the tests with flying colours and was invited to be put on our register so that she could be offered work there but chose to go it alone. I have consulted her four times since.