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Please note there is an £3.50 charge for administration added to every purchase.

When I have completed your powerful person spell I will write to you by email.

Please allow me up to two weeks to do this, powerful spells need a lot of energy and time and will not cut corners.

If you prefer a custom spell put details of what you require in the box provided please.

Every spell I offer can be changed to suit you if you prefer a custom spell.

Just tell me what you need.. help yourself or help someone you love.

All of my spells are white magic.

Which means that they can only enhance your life and never do any damage to anyone.

Every spell is done with a great deal of skill, patience and time... I do a powerful spell first time, I do not ask you to pay for one spell and then come back to me for a second, this would mean you are waiting longer and paying more! You should not have to wait longer or pay more.

Just as there are fake and deluded psychics about many who claim to be spell casters have no proven track record and cannot do spells! Either they are deluded and like to believe they can because it makes them feel special, or they are being dishonest.

I have clients all over the World,  many of them are in the USA, Canada, India etc. they understand it is better and safer to consult a reputable, qualified, proven, experienced person a long way away rather than someone local. Clients who live outside the UK can use the currency converter at the bottom of the spell order box on the right.

Never trust an unqualified white witch or psychic.

They will always let you down and may well hurt you too. You can see my many testimonials before booking your spell.

You don't have to scour the shops for hours to obtain unusual ingredients, nor will you have to burn incense, bathe in oils, light candles, drink potions, send me toenail clippings or hair, or do anything else silly, timewasting and pointless! Nothing will be mailed to you, you do not need to spend money on buying ingredients or spend time on following recipes in the hope they work, you will never be asked for more money. Getting your spell done by an expert like me, who does powerful white magic spells that work, saves you money and a lot of time, confusion, worry and heartache in the long run.

There is no point to doing weak or semi-powerful ones!

Honestly, I have seen fakes offering a choice of weak or powerful spells! Far better to get it right first time. Why would anyone want a weak spell? Other fakes offer to do you a cheap quick spell and then when it does not work they offer to do it again. If it did not work the first time why would it work the second? I do not dress up my powerful magic spells with a load of hocus pocus and mystical language talking about astrology and full moons so that you are supposedly impressed with the glitz and mystery I surround it with, nor do I wear a long black cape and pointy hat or dance around outdoors at midnight.

Some of my spells are very popular with lots of people asking for them, others are more unusual and are rarely asked for. Please feel free to ask me to do any spell you desire but which has not been listed . Custom spells are very powerful. Once cast Nor you will not receive an email that says I can do a more powerful spell for you. I only do very powerful spells.

I do not judge people.. everything is private and confidential.

Every spell is done by me.. I do not pass it on to juniors so that I can save time!

I would not trust anyone else to get it right.

Those who realise the great power of spells and how they can hurt and damage as well as doing a great deal of good and helping people steer away from black magic and refuse to do it. There really is no point to studying it and getting to grips with it in the first place as it can cause so much damage to those who use it as well as to those they use it on. Hence I concentrate and work purely with powerful white magic spells and I make sure that every spell I offer is powerful but also cannot hurt anyone - you included - in any way. When a powerful spell causes harm it is black magic and I will not do it, mostly because it would rebound on you and me later, causing us far more harm than you had done in the first place. Believe me I get so many people coming to me in desperation because they have put a curse or similar on someone (they go to great lengths to persuade me that this other person deserved it because of...) but whether this other person deserved it or not is merely their opinion and it does not change that they did something which was deliberately harmful and now it has backfired on them. They then need to find someone who is powerful enough to be able to remove it and remove the curse that was put on them as a result of it, and few can do that. Luckily for them I can. But it would have been far more sensible not to use black magic in the first place. With powerful white magic spells there is nothing to worry about, you simply improve your life.

The list I offer is long and extensive and you ought to be able to find at least one powerful white magic spell that suits your purpose. But for those who like to tweak things and get it exact or who like to have something different or very unusual and rarely asked for feel free to ask me for a special custom spell. These are extremely powerful. Just tell me what you would like me to do in the spell and I will say if it is possible or not. So long as it is white magic and possible I will do it.

Yes you can do this yourself. You can buy books, study them and with a mixture of trial and error find out which work and which do not and have a list that you feel you can rely on for when you need one. But when and how often would you need one? You might need one now, today, but it could be years or never before you need another. Is it really worth going to all of this bother then, for something you may well never use again? If you want to learn how to do this so that you can do it for other people, the way I do, then maybe it is worth it, but if you are not prepared to devote a great deal of time to it and pass examinations and get accredited and all the rest so that people know you are not a fly by night or fake then nobody would consult you and you could have done all of that work and invested money in it for nothing. When you do it yourself to help yourself it does not work so well anyway, it always works better if someone else does it. You cannot expect people to believe you are good at something if you cannot prove it. Asking them to just take your word for it is not going to work.

With my help, through accurate psychic phone readings and the very best email reading online plus healing and powerful white magic spells that work you can transform your life and transform who and what you are. Concentrate on that and work together with me as a team and the possibilities are endless. What do you want to change in your life? Are you looking for a stronger happier relationship? A new relationship? A new job? All of it is possible if you go about it the right way. When you are going through a bad patch remember that we all get bad patches, even the rich and famous get times when they worry, are sad or depressed. The trick is knowing who you can go to when you feel this way, someone who has proved they can help and who really cares. Someone who treats you as an individual with feelings and needs and talks to you in strict confidence.

Most popular at the moment are beauty, weight loss, love, marriage, romance, friendship and family, but go by what suits you and what your needs are because we are all individuals.