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9th May 2019

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Fred West seemed like a very nice if not simple  man. He was someone who valued relationships and people and was never tempted to go back on that trust. He cared and he wqas honest.   I have known quite a few celebrities over the years.  Sadly many of them have passed over to the other side now. There is something about a celebrity where they behave and think differently Some Some of this is because they are more nervous of trusting people and have been let down before. Many of them are and   were very much into accurate psychic email readings, tarot numerology, asho tarot aeclectic tarot orllewellyn tarot.  Others were more into having  cheap psychic readings online through the telephone.

You should consult a psychic person, probably someone who reads tarot cards  as soon as possible.  You can get an accurate tarot card reading from many professionals and amateurs but you are far more likely for it to help if it is done by a qualified professional such as myself . For those who want a written consultation you may even be able to get a free email psychic reading  if you look hard enough!  But the trouble with these is that they are often not worth the paper they are written on or typed onto, because they are computer generated and not accurate. For those who are counting the pennies why not try to get a free psychic reading now ? There is very little chance of you getting one but it might be interesting to see what you can find out.  There are a lot of websites that say they offer accurate tarot readings online  though few of them are true and  honest psychic readings. You could pit two consultant experts together, a sort of psychic vs psychic match! It would be interesting. Some of the readers use the asho tarot, some the aeclectic some the llewellyn, and many mix it with astrology or numerology. Many  a druid or wiccan knows how to do them. And so would a good wizard. You probably know that there are 78 cards in a deck,the major arcana and the minor arcana,but can you read them? 

Rosemary Price

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ObservantOne Says:
Yes AnimalLoverLady it is important, there are too many people who are fakes and pretend. I was reading that website Quora recently, I always read Rosemary Price 's posts on there, and one lady said she is a tarot and psychic reader and charges the same as "ALL THE OTHERS". This made no sense to me at all as the others have all different prices. If someone simply says I will charge the same as Rosemary Price or Ethel they are not basing it on anything real. Rosemary Price charges what she charges because she is qualified and very experienced, only someone who is setting up as a newbie would talk as if they did not know what to charge and copied someone, but a newbie with no qualifications should be a lot cheaper.
AnimalLoverLady Says:
It never occurred to me that I should make sure that the person does the tarot cards or whatever it is that I need. You get this idea that all of the things work. But I suppose that makes no sense really cause I do not see why a clairvoyant would learn more than one thing then. A few weeks ago I bought myself a set of tarot cards and found them so fascinating and beautiful - they have cats all over them and I love cats - am trying to pluck up the courage to try to do them myself , starting off with the little booklet that comes with them, but might have to get lessons with Rosemary to do it properly.