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All contact is to be through with no exceptions. We will reply asap.

Please only contact us with a query regarding a reading, spell or other service you are wanting Rosemary Price to do for you. We will not get back to people who contact us for any other reason i.e. advertising or seo.

To arrange a reading or spell with Rosemary go to the appropriate page.

Choose which service you prefer and pay for it through paypal. To arrange a time for a phone reading you can send her a request or we will get back to you and arrange it by email.

To check terms of business please go to terms of business page.

Enquiries are dealt with by the website and emails only. We are sorry but we never answer the phone to random or unexpected calls or enquiries. We need to keep the line free for clients who have made an appointment to speak to Rosemary for a consultation. 

Postal address:

Clacton on sea, Essex