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“Luke is the man I want to marry and you were right, it is not perfect, but it is about as perfect as any two people can be. You understood my doubts and understood it did not mean it was best not to go ahead

Debbie.... Scotland.... September 2019..”


Rosemary Price offers you more than 40 years of experience, she is a fifth generation seer. She is highly praised and recommended by top psychics, lots of newspapers and magazines, tv/radio and has a cluster of celebrity clients. To read about this CLICK HERE.  Click on the words for your PSYCHIC EMAIL READING or PSYCHIC PHONE READING

Rosemary Price  has been helping her clients for many years, more than forty years in total - so far. When she first started out taking psychic work seriously she was concerned that she was not good enough to help others and asked  clairvoyants mediums psychics and experts to test her to be sure. She passed all of their tests. But before she continued she also asked journalists, newspapers and magazines to thoroughly test her - which they were happy to do, and found she is excellent.




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Why is Rosemary Price so popular? Can I believe her testimonials?

When your clairvoyant readings have been tested and approved by a lot of experts and professionals you are an accepted and reputable reader.

Sane and normal people do not doubt you.  But if you have also been tested and approved by a lot of journalists who have published their findings in newspapers and magazines you are a certainty, you stand out head and shoulders above those who never bothered to offered to be tested and investigated thoroughly.

The snag is that there are a lot of deluded people out there claiming to be a clairvoyant.  People who truly believe what they claim, but are wrong.

Because they make the mistake of "assuming" they do good and honest readings, simply because it is their wish to do so is making an enormous error.

For every real clairvoyant out there there must be at least five hundred that are dodgy at best or awful.  Just because they believe they are good does not make this acceptable.   A genuine person would be responsible enough to worry that their work is good enough for the general public, not just assume it is.

The only way they can be sure of it is to be checked out by others who are not biased, who they do not know, who they are not in any way associated with, who are not bribed or paid or rewarded for agreeing with them or disagreeing with them.  Think of it like this, supposing someone decided they were a doctor,  and they said they did not have to take medical examinations and they could simply vouch for it themselves? Would you allow them to diagnose your illness and tell you how to get better? To prescribe medicine for you or organise an operation? Would you say the fact that they truly believe they are good at being an amateur and unqualified doctor makes that acceptable?  Would you accept that they were naive and made a mistake if you take the wrong medicine or have an unnecessary or dangerous or fatal operation on their say so? No.


Yet there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who claim to be psychics and truly believe it.  They believe it because it sounds good and makes them feel good. But this is all wrong. Their first thought should be your welfare.   Your emotional and mental welfare is just as important as your physical health.  Supposing one of these deluded wannabees tell you to marry someone who you should be avoiding?  Supposing their guidance is that you ought to change your career or invest money in a project - yet both lead to a great loss of money or heartache?  Is this acceptable because they truly believed that they were good at doing psychic readings?  No. It is irresponsible, selfish, immoral and very dangerous to their poor clients.  And the fact that some of them hang around forums and websites such as Reddit or Facebook urging you to trust them with your future,  and saying they will tell you what is in store for free, or very cheap, does not make it alright, because if they tell you the wrong things it is damaging you.  If you act upon whatever it is they tell you and it is a mistake it could lead to many years of heartache, a situation which is bad for you but impossible or very difficult and maybe time consuming to reverse, it could lead to a lot of worry, hassle, loss of money and much more.  You could lose the love of your life, your twin flame, your soul mate because you listened to someone who was out of their depth and not really up to what they claim to be able to do.  The fact you saved some money in the process does not make that alright. 

The reason the deluded ones offer to do their so called clairvoyant readings for free is because they tried to charge properly  and nobody would pay them or they would only pay them once and then never return to them again, and they were so addicted to the buzz they got by feeling important when they gave out their "information and advice" to people they would rather do it free or very cheap than not at all. If they had any sense they ought to realise that if nobody wants to return to them that tells them they are not worth consulting.  People return to psychics like Rosemary Price all of the time.  Some of them have been returning to her for decades.  And they return because they know they can trust her,  despite the fact that she charges more than the deluded ones who offer it for free or very cheap.  Now that ought to tell you something -  if people prefer to pay to speak to one person rather than go to the free one or the one who is much cheaper.

There are all sorts of ways that a clairvoyant can fail at this job. It is not just about knowing how to do the tarot cards, or crystal ball or whatever other method they choose to do.  For one thing, only being able to do one method is too limiting.  It is like only knowing how to speak one language. And then wondering why the World is full of people who do not understand you and who cannot get you to understand them.  There is a reason as to why there are all different methods of clairvoyance. It has nothing to do with accuracy. It is not about how one is more accurate than another (if that was true there would be no point at all in learning the second and third method - you would only need to know the most accurate method and reject the rest).  It is about how different methods achieve different things. Clairvoyant readings are perfect for looking at a relationship, some for looking at the future, some for looking at the past, some for looking at the character of a person and so on.   You must pick the right one for the purpose. And if you are looking at something which is complicated or serious you may need to use a few together.   Perhaps a client wants to know about their marriage or relationship - this may mean looking at the present, the future, the person they love and maybe also a person they used to care about who wants to return to them.  One method on it's own would leave out a lot of the information they need to know.

Most clairvoyants are not able to offer such a vast choice because they never took the subject seriously enough to tackle them. They wanted to rush things, they thought that as long as they learned one thing (probably badly) they were fine and could start "helping" people. You often find this with those who are only in this field because they see it as a way to make money.  Those who turn to this purely to make money will try to cut corners wherever they can. But imagine if a doctor was only able to help people with back pains and had no interesting of arthritis or rheumatism or diabetes, he would be so limited in how and who he can help he would often have a totally free appointment book.  It is the same with a clairvoyant who cannot help most of their clients because the method(s) they need are not available to them.  It can take years to master one method so few will bother to learn more than one.

You know that anyone who masters more than one is far more serious about it than the others and far more able to deliver the goods.



As for checking out testimonials, it was impossible to copy some of the newspaper and magazine clippings that Rosemary Price had collected from years ago,  they were very yellow and falling to pieces and difficult to read.  The best way to judge how good she is is to remember that when she offered to be thoroughly tested and checked out, that in itself is proving that she was not being selfish, she wanted to be sure and did not want to be one of the many deluded ones who simply believe what it suited her to believe.  She had decided then that if her psychic readings were not good enough for the experts she would stand down and not continue to be so engrossed in the subject or put so much time into it.  That would have been a huge sacrifice for her to make, but on the other hand it was only fair to potential clients and to herself. Potential clients had the right to be able to avoid bad work and she had the right to decide she was wasting her time and should stay in her current career, which paid very well.  She could easily have tried to con people by getting a website up with fancy wording and promises instead, with no proof or experience to back it up. Many have done that.  Then you have the fact that she asked the British Astrological and Psychic Society to check out all of her clairvoyant readings. Again she did not know any of them, they were not friends or colleagues, she did not know any of them by reputation or name. She knew they were experts and that is all she knew. She invited them into her home to test her and check her out and they came. Each of them had test readings with her and asked her questions and were very pleased with her accuracy and how helpful she was.  They had nothing to gain by getting it wrong or lying, quite to the contrary as it would reflect on them if people were not happy with her.




There are other ways that you can be sure that a reader is caring and not just in it for themselves. It has been known that a sharp and selfish, perhaps cold individual sets up and then tries to get as much money out of each client as they can. Charging very high prices and encouraging them to return far too often.  You know that Rosemary Price is disgusted with this idea. For one thing it is very exhausting to work as a real clairvoyant. A true reader needs to be able to rest and recharge their batteries regularly. Each of the consultations they do can thoroughly exhaust them. The idea that someone can be sitting  by the phone for hours each day answering one call after another and actually being psychic and tuning in and getting accurate and helpful information is impossible and ridiculous.  This is just one reason why you should always avoid the agency call centres that are often online, often disguised. Nobody can sit answering calls for hours each day without becoming so exhausted they are no longer able to do it properly.   They would burn out.  Then there is the other point.... if a reader is so busy doing nothing but clairvoyant readings every single day, or for long hours or both,  they are not having any sort of life of their own.  Their life is no longer balanced. They are not replenishing or recharging their soul and their heart. They would be neglecting relationships, not spending enough time with family and friends and partner, not enjoying or experiencing the things that we are all meant to enjoy.  Then if you consult them about your own relationship and ask her to understand how heartbroken you are that your husband left you, or your lover cheated on you, or your ex sent you nasty texts, she would have no idea of what you are going through because she has been so busy doing clairvoyant readings and working she has not had a chance to experience love, hate, revenge and all of the things you are speaking of.   If she has never had a balanced life and experienced some of the things you are talking to her about how can she understand or help you with them?  




What other signs are there that a reader is selfish and only after money?   One of the best ways to know this is to see if the person you are contacting hesitates  to make themselves available to suit you and your times and appetites. If you ask that they do the clairvoyant readings in a few minutes - because you are worried and impatient - remember that many others have asked them this before.  A good reader will have an appointment book and other clients will have made appointments to speak to them over the next few weeks... if they are worthy of being consulted. Some of those would have much preferred to have their session much sooner and would jump at the chance of having it straight away. So the reader is either going to say no to everyone or yes to everyone. And they will be too busy to speak on the phone or email you back and forth discussing it.  The very best and most reputable psychics have staff who deal with their website and sort out their bookings, because the reader is far too busy doing readings. It would not be a good use of their time to spend hours each day sorting out bookings or dealing with enquiries, that would become wasted dead time that they could have spent helping a client.

There are lots of people out there that could sort out their bookings, see to their website and answer enquiries but only one of them.  So beware of any reader who personally handles all of the procedure from start to finish. If they can spend half an hour or so sorting out an appointment or answering queries they are not that popular.  


If the reader is quick to agree to a quickie, or odd and unsocial hours that most would refuse to work - evenings and weekends usually -  then they are short of bookings and you should always walk away from anyone who is short of bookings.  If others do not want them nor should you. It is far better to go to a busy person who is so busy they have to work to a schedule with set hours. You should also look for someone who is dedicated to it on a full time basis. Not one of the dabblers who are keen to do it just before Christmas for a month or so, so that they can buy their grandchildren a few nice toys, and then turns their back on it for the rest of the year.  They may tell you that they are fully booked but they often mean with holidays with the family or pottering around and seeing friends, not with clairvoyant readings.  The trouble with the dabblers is that they are not doing enough work to do it well. You need to keep at it and do it regularly to stay good at it and keep your third eye open. If the reader does another job full time and only does their clairvoyant readings now and then, or a lot less, walk away.  Rosemary Price started out doing a well paid job and working as a psychic part time for free. She had to choose between the two eventually because people were wanting to return to her again and again and she could not find the time to do both full time properly.  She chose her psychic work, thank goodness.  Anyone who does sessions for free or cheap part time and is still able to fit in everyone who wants them is not very good.





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If you have had clairvoyant readings in the past you may be wary of consulting someone new. Either you had an exceptionally good session and you fear that nobody else can match it, or you have had people waste your time and let you down.  You may then be thinking to yourself that there is no way of being sure that the person you next consult is going to please you. But this is not true!  You can be sure in so many ways.  We have already spoken about how

Rosemary Price is properly accredited - even though it is not legally compulsory to get checked out by experts  and she also went way past that and took on the challenge of being tested by newspapers and magazines, passing all of their tests too.You also know that she offers a vast array of methods of clairvoyance.  So whether you want to know about the past, present, future, relationships or whatever she can cover it.   But on top of that she is also very affordable. There are a lot of people out there who are far less experienced than her, far less capable than her, who charge more than her.  You also know that anyone who has been around as long as she has, more than forty years, must be good because the wannabees and the deluded ones never last that long, they often drop by the wayside after just a year or two. And you know that she gave up a very well paid career to do this instead. Those who are doing it purely for financial gain are those who are not able to get a good well paid job instead.




Fear is a terrible thing and some fear the future. They fear it so much that they desperately want to have some sort of assurance that all will be well.

The problem is that in their haste to hear that all will be well they turn to just about anyone who looks as though they will know or tell them what they want to hear. And this leads to the fakes popping up and taking advantage. The fakes are likely to promise them they can get their husband or ex to return if they pay them an enormous amount of money. This is not only conning people and using those fears against them it has no morals.  There are two types of magic,  black magic and powerful white magic.  The genuine psychics use powerful white magic because that will never turn back on them or curse them in anyway.  Black magic can do a great deal of harm, including to those who use it against or on others.  You could go to a practitioner who promises to do black magic to force someone to return to you and I promise you they will never do that work, no matter how much you paid. Because if they do it they end up having a powerful dangerous curse come back on them for doing it, and nobody is going to do that, not for any amount of money. They can easily pretend they did the spell, so why would they really do it if it takes up more time and endangers them? Whenever you consult a reader for clairvoyant readings and choose to have magic make sure it is white magic and never ever believe anyone who tells you that black magic is powerful and cannot harm you or them.


One of the things to remember when you are scared of the future is that the future is not mapped out! It is not a case of knowing that X will never leave you or X will never lie to you.  Nobody can possibly know that because X has not got to the point where he might choose to do this.  And the things that might lead to X wanting to leave you or lie to you have not happened yet. You have to choose whether or not they happen.  A good example of what     I mean is let us assume that you meet X and you are really keen on X. You and X go out on dates regularly and get closer, you sleep together, you fall in love, you spend lots of time together.  But you have a bad temper and keep starting arguments with X, or you keep criticising him, or you keep nagging him to spend more time with you. There could be any one of hundreds of things which you choose to do which could lead X to decide that his love for you has worn thing and he no longer wishes to  be with you.  You see,  expecting someone to promise to never stop loving you or leave you is the same as saying that you want to guarantee that they have no feelings and do not react to things and do not care how you are with them  - and how stupid would that be.

It works the same the other way around.  How would you feel if your X was told that you would return to him and be with him no matter how horrible he is! Supposing X had been beating you,  or trying to sell you to his friends who want cheap sex,  any number of horrible things. And he expected you to always remain his no matter what. How ridiculous would that be?  And how ridiculous it would be if some so called seer told them that you would and maybe also promised to do black magic or white magic in order to ensure it. Supposing you then found out that your X had dumped you because a selfish or stupid or incompetent person had offered him a free love tarot spread.  How would you feel that he had listened to this total stranger who was so desperate for people to listen to them that they gave it away for free?


FREE love tarot SPREAD FREE 

Your consultation with your seer should be an enjoyable experience as well as a helpful one. Some of Rosemary Price's clients feel as if she is their very best friend and look forward to speaking to her. They have consulted her enough to know that they will always feel better after.  This does not mean that she lies to them, it means that she knows how to focus on the good and find ways to help with the bad.  When a reader tells you that your future will be awful she  or he is forgetting that this depends on how you handle things.  Let us say that you are told you will meet a person you cannot rely on and who will lie to you. And you are told that this person will try to fleece you of a lot of money.  This is not the end of the World. Fore armed is forewarned. You are now able to ,make sure that you prevent it.  By knowing some more information about who, what , where and why you can ensure that it never happens.  Yet if you had never had that consultation and never heard this bad news how would you know that you cannot trust that person and should avoid them? And this is yet another reason why you should never go to a wannabee or fake reader about something important like your future. They might tell you not to worry, that this wonderful person is coming along and will make you very happy - perhaps you walk on air happy in the knowledge of this false promise that sounds fantastic - yet when the time comes, because you believed them and trusted them you allow this new person to con you, use you, abuse you and disrespect you.   When you think about it this is what can happen when you are worried about the future and only wanting to hear the good bits or false promises.

If you face the future in a more realistic and resourceful way you can turn nasty things to your advantage or prevent them, and this is so much better than just letting bad things happen to you.

Some clients are fixated on hearing nothing but good things and dismissing the bad and this is where some false bad reviews and testimonials can come in.  One client consulted Rosemary Price and asked her when he would become rich and famous. She did the reading and said never. He got very irritable and irate and said she was definitely wrong.  He went on to say that he used to work as a security guard, walking around buildings with a flash light at night, he was retired now, but when he was about twenty a different seer had told him that he would definitely be rich and famous one day, so it must be true. For ore than fifty years he had held on to this promise and believed it with all his might. He had never ever tried to help fate along by doing something towards it.

When asked how this could happen he jumped to his defence and told Rosemary that his ex boss could have seen him walking around the buildings at night (when the boss is asleep)  and realised he had great potential and realised that he should help him to become rich and famous ?!!  Nothing would budge him from believing the unrealistic and daft promise the other so called reader had made years before.  In his determination to prove Rosemary wrong and be able to hold onto this pleasant but false fairy story he wrote nasty reviews about her online bad mouthing her.  So do remember that you can read bad reviews about someone but they may have been written by someone like him or maybe another psychic who is jealous.  And anyone who has been around for more than forty years will have at least one or two bad reviews by that time.

Now suppose it turns out that this man had listened and remembered and took seriously a free love tarot spread!  Something that a total fake had told him. And for many years he had relied on this prediction happening so that it would be his source of happiness? He did a boring, menial, badly paid job hoping that a few words from a stranger would turn it all around eventually?   Surely this is messing with his head and his life? Surely this is out of order? Perhaps this has robbed him of years of happiness? Perhaps if this woman had been honest to him and said that he had to make more effort or change his job to amount to something he would have had a better life? But because he relied on a free love tarot spread instead of his own efforts and facing life squarely in the face this is why his life did not amount to much in any way?










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Please do not get into the habit of consulting a reader at every turn of your life. You need to also make your own decisions, rely on your own abilities, gut instinct and those around you.  Your friends might know the person you want to know more about, it may not be necessary to go to a reader at all.

But if you want to find out things like how honest they are if they have a secret life then the reader offering clairvoyant readings is far more likely to be able to know this, as they can delve into the nooks and crannies that are not easily noticeable in every day life. And it is possible that your friends have been lied to too.

So where do you turn to now?  Decide whether you prefer to have an email where your love tarot spread reading is sent to you or psychic telephone reading with Rosemary Price. You know which you prefer but there are negatives and positives to each.  We know people who love and adore the psychic telephone reading and would never make do with an email and there are others who feel the same way about the written consultation.   This is your first step, step one. Then decide how much you wish to spend and how much you wish to find out.   The more time and skill the reader spends on your consultation the more it costs, as is the same with any professional!


There is no other fair way to work out charges.  Do not skimp if the consultation is about something very serious and important where only a psychic can help and  your mind must know. You may, if you make this mistake, have to return for yet more clairvoyant readings because you failed to cover your needs in the first - this could mean you take a week  or so longer to find out what you needed and spend a lot more money than you intended to. You may also feel trapped in between feeling you have had a consultation which has helped but it has opened a can of worms where you are now thinking of other things you need to know which had not occurred to you before.  If you stop at this point you may feel that you are worse off than you were at the start, with even more unanswered questions.

Read the page carefully.  All of the information you need is there. Read the terms of business page carefully, you agree to them when making your booking.

There are also extra pages in the article section of the site, covering all different angles. You can spend as many hours, days,   and if you need it , months or even years on this before you decide to consult her.  Remember that Rosemary Price is very popular and busy, in many ways you need her far more than she need







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BEST love tarot SPREAD free

Please do not come to Rosemary Price seeking to have a fun reading.  She is not interested in the idea of having clairvoyant readings for fun.

If you want to do that then please just have a giggle with a friend or someone you know, there is no need to waste her time or that of any reputable, serious reader offering clairvoyant readings online.  It would not be fair to clients who are waiting longer for their sessions and they have not developed and trained for years to do something which needs no training, experience or skill.  Likewise,  she will not attend fetes and fayres. You can get an unqualified amateur to sit there pretending to read someone's palm or pretend they can understand the tarot cards properly, there is no need to get a reputable, qualified person for that.

That would be like hiring a top chef to make you a cup of coffee.   

Rosemary Price is interested in writing articles for leading websites,magazines and newspapers and has done this before. If this interests you then please go to the contact form and give as much detail as possible as to what you want and why you are asking her to do it.  With links if necessary or helpful.  And do please remember that she is a very busy lady, her office staff will read it and evaluate whether it should be passed on to her and considered.

We receive hundreds of such offers every day and if Rosemary were to read them all she would never have any time to do any real work.

Years ago there were a lot of magazines and newspapers about that concentrated on the psychic market, now there are also many websites that do this, with the numbers growing all of the time. 

Please remember too that if you want to know about her credentials it is all listed on this site. We are too busy to write back and forth repeating information that can be read on here.  Rosemary has gone to a lot of trouble to find a way to present all of her information to you in a way where you can read it whenever it suits you, without having to give your name, contact details etc. Please take advantage of it - enjoy the best love tarot spreads free.