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“Luke is the man I want to marry and you were right, it is not perfect, but it is about as perfect as any two people can be. You understood my doubts and understood it did not mean it was best not to go ahead

Debbie.... Scotland.... September 2019..”


Rosemary Price offers you more than 40 years of experience, she is a fifth generation seer. She is highly praised and recommended by top psychics, lots of newspapers and magazines, tv/radio and has a cluster of celebrity clients. To read about this CLICK HERE.  Click on the words for your EMAIL READINGS or PSYCHIC PHONE CONSULTATION.

When it comes to consulting someone about your future you need to ask yourself what it is about knowing the future that is of benefit to you.One reason it is a good idea to have a past life reading with accurate email psychic readings  is because there are so many non genuine readers out there who tell you lies or break promises, some mean well but are out of their depth others are knowing they are letting you down and do not care. Choose Rosemary Price, a reincarnation reader,  who has helped many, who is properly accredited and tested and proven and is able to help you properly.  



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 Many of the people who visit this site to find out more about Rosemary Price are looking for proof of reincarnation or wanting to find out about their own past lives.  There are two ways you can do find out who you were in another time. One is to go to a reputable hypnotist, who you would have to visit, and let them "put you under" and then find out whatever is revealed. This is quite safe but it has many disadvantages. People are often wary that they will behave in an inappropriate way, embarrass themselves or be taken over by the person they are consulting.  They want to be more in control and understand the whole process more.  This leads us to the other means of finding out about a previous incarnation.  Some of the most famous and rich people in the WSorld have sought after this information and failed. 


By consulting someone such as Rosemary through email readings you can find out. She can use her psychic processes and abilities to find out for you. This causes you no discomfort,   it costs you no time, you can do it from anywhere because it is done online and then she sends you one of the best email psychic readings with the information on it.  The wonder of receiving it this way is that you can keep it, re read it, show it to others or keep it private, but you feel that you have something tangible.  And because your past life reading is done online you do not have to concern yourself with the fact that you live wherever you are and Rosemary Price is in the UK, England.  Even if you lived very near to her there would be no point to you trying to arrange a face to face meeting instead, she works this way with these email readings, it works well and it works the best.  Everything is private and confidential, nobody will find out anything unless you tell them.  This information is exclusive to you because no two readings are every the same. It was prepared specifically for you and no two people are the same.



What is the point, the advantage to knowing?  Some want to find out simply as a source of amusement. It is different to many of the other things you can spend your time on and can be quite fascinating.  But those who take life very seriously often want to know because they believe that their past has some bearing on their present and maybe their future. In some cases they believe that their free past life reading  is so caught up in their present that they are suffering now because of it.  It may be that they can never find happiness, or the right person to share their life with, or the person they want is elusive, or it may be that they have problems and believe that something from before contributed towards them.  And there are times Rosemary Price has come across people who have found proof of this.  For example, a person may be lonely and keep dreaming of someone they have never met. The only time they meet them is in their dreams. They can see the person clearly, in colour, they speak to them, they may spend a lot of time with them in their dream world, they may have sex with them, fall in love with them and are fascinated by them.  Then they go back and have a past life reading and hey presto the person they are now dreaming about is someone they knew in one of their past lives.   It is someone that they loved deeply and who loved them deeply, it is someone who was meant to be with them forever and be with them again as each new life comes along.  Without realising it they had found a way to be reunited with their loved one.  There are many more cases of things such as this which make it highly desirable if not essential to find out.

There are times when you may see an advertisement that promises you that you can find out all about your reincarnation reading totally free of charge. They will usually say that you must give your date of birth, email address, name and some other details - they ask for these details so that they can sell them on.


They are valuable. They then ignore you or send you some very vague thing that they send to anyone and everyone.  Or they send you a sales pitch about how you can have a much more detailed reply , one of their private 1 2 1 accurate email psychic readings, if you pay for it. A lot of people fall for this, it is all very carefully rehearsed and arranged. But I will not waste your time with such nonsense. You must be smart if you have found my site and I am sure that you can see that I have had to pay for this site, just as I have had to pay for my office and staff.   I cannot afford to do free email readings and I have no wish to.

Rosemary's clients are happy to pay for their my past life reading online because they know she the genuine article. A person who is authentic, someone who has been checked out very thoroughly many moons ago when  she first joined the psychic World.  And as she has been totally tried, tested and trusted by those who are in the know, those who are well respected in this field, you know you can trust her too.   If unsure about her please feel free to check her out on this site.  You can see all of her professional history here.  It ought to convince you that she more than knows what shes is doing. But she is also a qualified therapist who has helped people to ascertain their previous history through hypnosis. 


How you use the information you receive is up to you.  You can use this purely for amusement out of curiosity or you can go further and really get into this.  If you are unsure about whether to consult a hypnotist instead and have regression and free reincarnation reading I would advise against it because you would need to find someone you can visit and it is hard to find anyone who can do this well, you may have to travel hundreds of miles. This can be costly in time and finances.  By consulting Rosemary Price online and having her excellent past life reading you can do it quickly, easily, no hassle, no travelling, no extra expense. You are also being saved the ordeal of going to see someone who says they are unable to help you or would need to see you for six or so sessions before they can do it. Which again is costly in time and money.





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So who is Rosemary Price? As you will see if  you thumb through this extensive website she began her career as a psychic more than forty years ago.

Her interest in helping people and doing clairvoyance has never died throughout that time. Where the scammers , fakes, and deluded ones would have dropped by the wayside her following has grown and grown and become stronger. Lots of people all over the World regularly  phone her or receive email psychic readings from her.  There is a huge choice of readings to suit everyone, male and female, young or old. For those who are into the more unusual type of consultations such as finding out about if they were reincarnated and if so why then she is an excellent choice.  For those who want a more normal and run of the mill service she can offer crystal ball, i ching, rune stones, clairvoyance, mediumship and free past lives.

This may be one of the reasons she is so popular. Or is it because despite being so sought after and having been around so long, offering  masses of experience, she is still affordable, cheaper than some who are less experienced and less proven than her?  Or is it because she is a kind and caring person who is very sympathetic and empathic?  Then on the other hand it might be something to do with her being so easy to talk to. People feel relaxed when with her,  as if she is a trusted friend.  And when they phone her they know they will feel enlightened and comforted.  A free past life online consultation is not available through her however.

Can you trust the many testimonials you read on this site and elsewhere? Yes.  If you see a recommendation it was put by a client who wanted you to know you can trust her.  But unfortunately there are also some bad reviews dotted around. You will find this with every seer online, especially those who have been here a long time. Even film stars who have won oscars have been criticised by some.  Unfortunately though in this line of work it us not always that simple.  We have known of cases where people have bad mouthed someone because they are a rival and they are jealous, even though they have never had a consultation with them. Or bad mouthed someone simply because they would not tell them what they wanted to hear. With so many people out there seeking the truth who would be grateful to find this site think on and enjoy the advantage you have. 






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How can Rosemary Price help you?  Apart from the obvious, the reason for this page, you can consult her about anything which is concerning you whether it be about the past, present or future.  It can be simple or complicated. And you will know that you can trust her to be totally confidential and keep everything a secret no matter what, with no judgments, no sharing or passing on information, no selling any of your details to other sites.  The best email psychic readings which are most popular with her are those using the tarot cards, crystal ball, i ching, rune stones, acrophonology, numerology.  But she also offers expert healing and for those who need it or ask for it she gives you guidance and advice on the outcome and the predictions which are seen. So that you can, if things do not look good, turn things around to suit you.  By knowing if a person you have met is a good or bad person, whether they can make you happy or will mess you around, and listening to her guidance, you can prevent a lot of sorrow and problems later.  So many people enter into ridiculous and unhappy situations because they do not value their lives enough and have not analysed their previous history enough to connect the two. 


The average client comes to her with questions about their relationship, ex relationship, marriage, lover etc. Most people tend to think that their emotional happiness should come first, they find it hard to relax and be themselves and concentrate on the rest of their life if it looks bad. If they are unsure about something the uncertainly can drive them nuts so they try to find a way to remove those question marks and put their mind at ease. They may ask friends and family for opinions, a free reincarnation reading, to find out about my past life but usually they are only able to guess, making wild guesses which are wrong, and then they do not need to turn to someone they know anymore and are isolated and alone with it. But as well as needing to share the pain and worry with someone they need someone who is empathic and who can answer those questions and shine a little star for them to follow. They need hope but it must be real hope. Not a pretend fairy story. Hence they try to find the very best there is to offer and find this site.  However, in their search they may make human mistakes such as being drawn to those offering free or very cheap services, which are done to entice them to get their details or to ask for more money later.

It is easy to be keen on a bargain but there is always a downside to it.  And they forget that. The so called psychic who offers a freebie is not popular, not tried, tested and trusted as Rosemary Price is, hence the service and the information given in the consultation really is not worth having.  But all they see right then is that it is saving them money ,not that the service will be inadequate or give them false information and answers.   If you would like someone to tell you just anything that sounds interesting or pleasant get one of your friends to do it instead of spending money on email psychic readings and listening to what a professional tells you in email readings.  They will do it for a laugh and to entertain themselves without charging you, but remember that that was for entertainment only, do not use that information as if it matters.  Free past lives consultations are impossible to find it accuracy and genuineness is required.  And there are some amazing things you can find out using this. 





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Does Rosemary Price also offer the tarot cards?  Yes she does. But for those who want to delve into reincarnation and past lives forget that. It is not at all suitable.  Use the cards when you want to know about the present not the past,  the future maybe, a relationship maybe, or people who are in your  life or will be in the future.  Use the information and insight you get from the consultation and then it to give you warnings of which people to trust and which people to be wary of. And if someone is going to hurt you or break your heart find out now so that you can make sure that never happens.  How happy your future turns out is down to you. With her help you can ensure that you avoid the bumps in the road that people who do not consult her put up with. 





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Do people prefer to consult this lovely lady using psychic telephone consultations or do many of them prefer to have a written reply?

The majority of her clients prefer the written word. We cannot be sure of a reason and it may well be a mixture and different for each client.  Most who consult Beth Shepherd seek my past life regression reading.

But we do know that the majority of clients live a long way away from her. She is in the UK and most are in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand,

China, Japan etc.  Just about all of the English speaking countries.  They may prefer it to be in writing  because of the time difference, where they are unable to arrange to speak to her during her working hours.  It may be that they want to cherish the reply and re read it. It may be that they like to have something tangible that they can hold and see.   Perhaps they want to show others.  Though we are not sure this is a good idea!

Some of our clients have been consulting Rosemary Price for such a long time they have a whole collection of these who need an immediate and accurate consultation and they are able to look through them using some sort of filing system!  They lock them away in a safe place for when they want to read them again. 

But the point is not what others prefer it is what suits you, you and you only. Do not be led by what others do.  You may be someone who can easily ring her at an arranged time.  You may be the sort of person who likes to hear a voice and likes to think as the thing develops, throwing in more questions.

And some clients choose to do both, some will consult her by phone sometimes and in writing others.

FREE Past Life Reading

Some ideas of questions Rosemary Price is often asked by clients.... Will I get married soon? Will my boyfriend return? Why did my X cheat on me?  Is my lover seeing someone else? Am I going to be with my partner in ten year's time?  Will I get the job I am going after? Will I pass my examinations?  Does X love me? Is X lying to me?  When will my luck change? When will I win the lottery? 

An example of a consultation that Rosemary Price has done which has stayed etched in her memory for a long time!  Despite having helped hundreds of not thousands of people through email readings she will never forget this one, it is so unique.  A lady contacted her for consultations when she was struggling with life  and asked her to tell her about her marriage.  She told Rosemary that she was extremely unhappily married and wished she could leave her man, but due to financial problems etc she would not.  They lived in a small caravan together and he was very violent.   Having read this carefully and having done the usual free past lives  etc that fitted with the ladies' requirements Rosemary wrote up the consultation and sent it to the lady.  A few weeks later this lady phoned her office very distressed saying that the consultation was very accurate and helpful but she was furious with Rosemary as she had not told her to make sure that she hides the letter away so that her husband cannot see it.  She had read it, put it on the table in the middle of the caravan, where the husband could easily find it and read it, and he had started an argument with her and threatened her.   Rosemary had done an excellent and helpful consultation but it really was down to this lady to think of things like making sure she did not make it easy for her husband to find it and read it after. 

past life reading

 In cases such as this the lady may have thought that she had been wicked or nasty or selfish in her previous lives and this had led to her bad luck with who she ends up with now.  That somehow she deserves to be with a man who bores her or who is violent.  But in many cases who we end up with is down to our choice. Either our choice of who we are drawn to and stay with or we can be with someone who makes us miserable or does not fulfill us but lack the necessary to sort it out. And this is where psychic telephone readings and  email readings  are not the answer.  When clients come to Rosemary for a free past life reading online they often say to her that they believe that the events from one of their previous incarnations affects their life now.  

Because no matter how good the reader who does your one two three  is they cannot change you into a different person who has the bottle, courage and determination to sort out their lives.  Your reading might tell you that you ought to end a relationship but as from there it is down to you.

If you are going to say that you cannot do it due to lack of money but refuse to get a job - for example - then there is nothing more the clairvoyant can do.

Your free past life reading online can only give you the information and guidance that you need, it is then down to you to use it or waste it. Many clients continue to dream of a different life when it was possible for them to make it happen.  Then they might return for free past life reading expecting the clairvoyant to tell them something such as their partner will leave them or die,  so that they can get the outcome they want without having to make any effort itself.  Life is rarely this convenient, sadly.

FREE PAST LIVES by rosemary price

One of the wonders of psychic readings is that no matter how much technology improves and progresses with bigger and better computers, more complicated mobile phones, i pads and all the rest, the basic necessity for good email readings is a gifted clairvoyant who can really see and understand. This has been the same from the very beginning right through to now all of these years later.  The advances that have been made in

technology can merely help them to be in contact with them quicker or easier. Hence when Rosemary Price first started out as a reader more than forty years ago the usual method of contact was to see advertisements in the local paper.  The advertisements were aimed at local people because everyone went to see a reader, it was virtually unheard of to do it any other way. And in those days it was illegal to take credit card or visa card payments for  accurate telephone or written consultations with Rosemary Price, some want them urgently and this can be done too.  There was no such thing unless people used something which is very old fashioned and has died out now, the postal order!  People would go to a post office and buy one and send it to the reader and then wait for them to have time to take it to a post office and collect that cash, then do the work and send it to them.  People like Rosemary Price were too busy to keep closing down her office to go off to exchange a postal order for some cash,  the time involved did not make it worth it for her, but many amateurs who were short of customers did.  Whether you wanted a past life reading or something about the past, present or future the usual way was to go to someone with cash in  hand, sometimes with a cheque book and guarantee card.   Eventually readers were able to take credit card payments, but that was years later and when it became legal to accept them for the other ones Rosemary Price was the very first one to start that type of service in England. In a very short space of time she was so busy she had a lot of staff helping her to do the other ones.  The infomation people learned from having their very own my past life consultation would shock some and intrigue others. 



To date Rosemary Price has helped hundreds of people get an idea of who they were in a previous incarnation through email readings.  Many of them have moved forward with their life in a more positive way, with a true feeling of knowing their identify, their pathway in life, their karma. One of the reasons that people ask for this reading is because they believe that email readings that reveal their previous deeds and the things that have happened to them might also reveal their purpose in life.  Many believe in the idea that we have a karma and our karma is our purpose.  Many also believe that if we do not work through that in one life time we are destined to have to try in the next, and if we fail in this one to move on to the next and so on.  Through your past life online consultation  it makes sense if we can know our purpose we can work through it quicker and not have to keep returning and maybe suffering and worrying for many more life times.  If you believe this, and many do, the knowing about your past reincarnations is a must. It can save you much grief and lead to a much better life now and in the future. Instead of it seeming to be some sort of emotional obstacle course.   We are all meant to suffer to some degree but many suffer far more than is fair to them. 

It answers many questions. Best  online consultations can also accurately also help you to know who you are, your true character and your true strengths and weaknesses so that you can work and build upon them to make yourself a better person who ends up with a happier life now and in the future.  Rosemary Price has been quick to admit that she suffers from impatience, yet over the years and finding out about her past has helped her a lot to realise that we must be patient, we must learn to wait and see. A good free past life reading  will lay a lot of ghosts to rest.  Others might lack the ability to make sensible decisions,  or the courage to go forward with something, others are lazy, others are immature, and all of these things affect us, how our lives are and how our lives turn out in the future.  The more sorted we are the more chance we have of finding and keeping happiness. Having your very own past life reading  about your previous existences can reveal all of this to you.  The more weaknesses and problems and baggage we have the more likely we are to lose people we need and want in our lives, because if they are very sorted themselves they can move on to others they have more in common with where the friendship or relationship is fairer to them,  more equal.  Sometimes people are drawn to people who are more capable or strong than them but when the capable or strong one walks away  - often to be with someone  else who is sorted and capable -  it leaves them in a mess.  Unfortunately nobody that we know does this service for free, because they have to cost their time and resources and expenses, but we do an excellent service for those who cover those costs and want to know your very own past life regression reading.  When you want to explore your previous history remember that you need a qualified and experienced person to asses your history, it can reveal amazing truths and help you in many ways, this is why so many people come to Rosemary Price for their free  past life online.   Whenever you wonder about your history remember that it shapes your present and your future, far more than most would ever realise.  Those that find out are so grateful for the help it gives them.