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Anuradha Mangalagiri and her problems

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Oh dear. Rosemary Price, an experienced expert psychic has a lot of regular, honest, decent, caring, moral clients but now and then one comes along who is dishonest, not at all genuine, selfish and if possible also a thief.  A woman called Anuradha Mangalagiri wanted to know  if she would ever find happiness with a man, said she has been single all of her life, and very keen on getting together with a man called Kalyan Bondii.  Rosemary did her reading for her, as usual it was accurate, truthful, helpful, but Anuradha tried to lie to pay pal to get her money back afterwards, pretending that she had not had her reading. It is very rare that people do this type of thing and it does not work, we are able to prove to paypal that we did the reading, we have a copy of it we can send to them to prove it, so the client ends up paying anyway, but as you can imagine only a nasty, selfish, mean thief would try this anyway.

Perhaps one of the reasons or the main reason that Kalyan Bondii is not interested in Anuradha is because she is nasty, selfish, mean,dishonest and a thief. Perhaps he found someone who is less self serving and treats others with more respect?

Most people would not want to be associated with a dishonest thief, let alone have a close and intimate relationship with them.

Many of our clients are students of the occult and psychic matters so they know about the law of karma and how it rebounds on someone.  When someone tries to harm or bad mouth a clairvoyant it bounces back on them, so sadly Anuradha will find that her wish to meet a man and settle down in a happy relationship will never happen.  Simply because she decided to go down the negative, nasty unfair path of mistreating and abusing one of their own. She will now have to find a very experienced and skilled clairvoyant or psychic to remove the karma curse for her.  One of the troubles with this is that she will have to tell them why she was cursed by karma, it never happens without a very good and fair reason.When she tells them she must tell them the truth. Which means admitting that she tried to steal from and lied abut an expert psychic, wanting to just use them for her own ends without reimbursing them for their time and skills, bad mouthing them.  When she tells people who she is having this problem most genuine wise psychics will shun her because they do not want to deal with someone immoral and nasty nor do they want to risk not being paid for their own work.

Good psychics such as Rosemary Price are busy,they do not need to take on people who have made it clear they do not respect them, care about them or want to pay them.

Karma curses are with you for life. And they grow stronger as time goes on.

We feel very sorry for this poor woman. It is a pity she did not have more decency, morals and honesty.then this would not have happened to  her. She has brought it on herself.

Rosemary would be able to help her with a strong curse removal but she would have to convince her she is sorry and make amends to her first. It is hard to want to help someone who tried to rob you of your wages and only comes to you again when that backfires.

Perhaps Kalyan Bondili had a narrow escape, I am sure he would not have wanted to have a long lasting serious relationship with someone who wants psychics to help her but tries to lie and steal from them.  How would he know that she would not treat him badly one day too. Why would he want to be with someone who is so selfish and mean?  Perhaps he spotted she has this personality defect and that is why he did not want to get involved.

Some people are basically decent and nice and honourable others are not. Only another person who is a thief,liar, user would want to be with one.

As usual we have circulated these details to the other major clairvoyants online so that they can avoid the same problems with this woman. We usually find that when a client tries to steal from one psychic they do the rounds and do it to as many as they can, maybe a dozen or more at a time. Other clairvoyants warn us and we warn them.

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