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Should a Beautiful Woman Only Date Handsome Men?

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Should a Beautiful Woman Only Date Handsome Men?

The third blog based on normal problems that people can have , I can think of dozens of clients who fit into this category.... I will not name names, no need to. Please read this and then comment with your opinions, guidance and advice below..

I wonder about this because I often get clients - female clients - who are quite good looking, some are perfect, wonderful figure and stunning, gorgeous skin, great make up and hair,  the lot,  they spend a lot of time and money on their looks and clothes to go with it, almost like a full time job,  and half of them will only date men who are equally good looking.  But these are the ones who come running to me crying about how the man has cheated on them,  or flirted with their friend,  or got in touch with his ex in the hope of seeing her again,    all behind her back - of course. And these are the ones who get worried that the guy will leave them or trying to get him to marry them so they feel more secure.  Is it then a good idea to be with such a guy, one who brings out your insecurities, and is this really his fault as surely he did not cause you to have that sort of personality defect?

The worst cases are where the women end up giving the guy money or having sex with his friends to please him so that he does not dump them.

There was a case in Court recently I was following where a woman had lent money to this very good looking young man, who was not intending to pay her back and had spent it on a great holiday. When you saw them both in Court the man was sex on legs, but the woman was very overweight and plain. I am sure that despite what she said she had ideas of being his girlfriend or at least fantasised about it and this had a lot to do with her being silly enough to give him a lot of money she had no chance of ever seeing again.  IF he had been as fat and plain as her she would not have gone anywhere near him,. So she was daft to think that a man as gorgeous as that would choose a lover who was fat and plain, as she would not have settled for this herself.

Whether you choose a guy who is gorgeous or plain is up to you, but when it means you are stupid enough to "lend" them money, a lot of money, you will never see again, or let them mistreat you and take advantage of you,  then it is a big mistake. Only women who are very self confident, popular and able to take care of themselves should date such men. 

Yesterday I did a reading for a lovely lady who has come to me before for consultations. She is gorgeous but does not see it. She is worried that the man she is seeing, who is quite good looking but not more than her,  might lose interest in her. All the time she feels this way she is getting no joy from it at all, just worry, so what is the point?

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Tony Says:
No! They should date handsome fat men like me.
Christine Howard Says:
A fortune teller once told me handsome is as handsome does and showed me a photo of a gorgeous man. She went on to say that he was the man she chose not to marry because he was so nasty and selfish. Then she showed me a photo of an ugly fat man and beamed with happiness that she had married him. They are still together and very happy and he has never hurt her.
LOL Says:
Who cares what they look like?? In twenty years they will look fat, bald and they are not an ornament.
RandyGirl Says:
I put it about with good looking men, but am middle aged now and find the less attractive men PHYSICALLY are often nicer and more reliable and caring - less full of themselves and arrogant.
Ruth Says:
Am 64 now but when I was ravishing and had lots of dates I only went for the good lookers. Most of them treated me like crap though. Now I am with a guy who is nothing much to look at but kind and considerate and much nicer than they were.