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The following are just a small selection of the newspaper articles that have been written about Rosemary Price the Essex / London based email and phone reading online psychic. Please bear in mind that they were written many years ago, the original articles are now worn out and hard to read, hence they are replicated here. You can contact the archives of the various newspapers if you want to confirm they are genuine.  In some cases we are able to give you the exact date and newspaper, reporter etc, in others we cannot.  Rosemary is not seeking to convince you that you should consult her, she is an elderly lady, she prefers to work less hours now and spend more time on her family and real life, she is always fully booked.This is one of the reasons she no longer agrees to give newspaper interviews.  Whatever they ask her will have been covered in at least a dozen of the previous interviews and it all takes up valuable time. 

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As a famous leading top clairvoyant for more than forty years she has built up an enormous collection over the years.

Here we go....

MYSTIC ROSEMARY PSYCHIC by Karen Cousins 16th November 1990 Gazette Newspapers

Psychic clairvoyant Rosemary Price has added a new dimension to her bow, which means she willnow be able to solve the problems she predicts.

The wonder woman who uses her mystical charms to perform miracles with her fortune telling powers, is now moving in circles of hypnotherapy and psychology. From now on the famous fortune teller will be able to bring relief to many who need help with asthma, insomnia, stammering,confidence, exams, phobias, slimming, smoking, nail biting, drinking, gambling and sexual problems. Also qualified in age regression, life regression and biofeedback as well as iridology and electro acupuncture and reflexlogy she has discovered a whole new world that has remained a dark secret to her until now.

Rosemary Price is a modern day psychic who is very business like and extremely efficient.  She said she was sick of saying to people she cannot predict when they are going to get better and telling them to go and see a counsellor or whoever.  This is where the therapy comes i8n.  She joined the LA Roche International College for an eight month course where she came top of the class with 95 per cent.

(this is a very long article, we will not publish the rest now, but it is very positive about Rosemary Price and her work).



NEW CURSE OF CRUEL TRICKSTERS by Richard Flynn 2nd April 1987

Fake clairvoyants are trying to extort large amounts ofmoney from Redbridge people. Psychic Rosemary Price, A legitimate local clairvoyant, told me of cases where innocent people wre told they were cursed and would have to pay to have the curses removed. The victims were so distressed they ended up in floods of tears at Ms Price's door. 

One case involved a young woman who was told she was cursed and would go bald before reaching the age of 20.  The fake clairvoyant offered to remove the curse for the princely sum of £500. And a pregnant woman was told her baby would be born deformed unless she paid a massive amount of  money to have the curse on her removed.

Rosemary explained the clairvoyants usually make a direct approach to their victim by knocking on their doors offering a free reading.  Later they tell you there is a cuse and offer to take it away if you pay. 

She also said of a case where a woman out shopping was approached on the street by one of the con artists. She was told she would soon inherit money but the clairvoyant would not say when this would happen unless the woman paid over £50.  Ms Price said fly by night clairvoyants set up temporary offices in the area but were abanding these after they had extorted money from their victims.  She advises people not to have these free readings because they will only end up worried and hurt. The majority of victims do not report these incidents to the police because they do not want to look foolish or because their husbands don't know about it. Rosemary is willing to give advice to either people who have ben connned or those who genuinely want to see psychic help. Though she cannot give free readings of course.

Rosemary Price is a qualified clairvoyant who has passed examinations set by the British Astrological and Psychic Society.




 Every interview by the Press has resulted in positive feedback recommending Ms Price to her potential clients - except one article where a journalist wanted to do an interview with Rosemary about her private life, questions such as is she married and does she live alone.  Being a sensible woman Ms Rosemary Price refused to give this interview, knowing it to be very unsafe to tell all and sundry whether or not she lives alone etc when total strangers regularly come to see her at her home... some of them rather dodgy undesirable strange characters.  The reporter was very annoyed she would not give her an exclusive interview so wrote up an article all about how wrong it was for Rosemary Price to charge money for her services. Which is nonsense when you remember that the same reporter had  often written glowing articles about her before and there were other clairvoyants in the area who charged and she said nothing about them - even though they only did readings as a part time hobby and it is then far easier to do it for free than when doing it as a full time thing.

We have found at least 300 newspaper clippings, some of them full page spreads, sometimes full first page, all of them are either praising Rosemary Price psychic or recommending her, none of them negative. In some there is a full page interview where the reporter or journalist is sussing and testing her out so that they can decide whether or not to recommend her - it is very hard to convince someone as suspicious as a journalist.

The reason there are not even more of these clippings is because Rosemary had already given a great deal of her time to this and was busy with clients!  There has to be an end to being tested and being interviewed, especially when much of it goes over and over what was said before.

By all means go to the newspapers that used to be and in many cases still are in the area she lived in - Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex, but remember that this was many years ago, many of these reporters and journalists have died or retired or are no longet interested in the work they did years ago, some of them will noit remember. Others have moved on to being authors or other work.

If you can find any other clairvoyant, tarot reader and psychic who has been helping people for more than forty years - full time - and has been praised by newspapers and magazines hundreds of times etc please let us know, we have tried to find one and failed.