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By popular request from regular clients we have known for years we have put together some of the newspaper and magazine etc quotes about Rosemary Price and her work...

Bear in mind many of these are very, very old, barely readable, frail, very dark, falling to pieces, torn, so we have had to go back to original sources at some of the newspapers and magazines to verify the precise wording before placing that here,,, some of the magazines and newspapers that were fans of Rosemary and her work years ago do not even exist now, hardly her fault!  By all means contact the newspaper or magazine and check it out.

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ILFORD RECORDER 2nd OCTOBER 1986 by Anne Charlesworth

Phoney fortune tellers prey on a mother to be. They are plaguing Redbridge and told a mother to be her baby would be deformed unless she handed over cash. Sick trickers warned other women their families would be sick or would lose large amounts of money.  But each time the callous con women say the curses can be lifted - if their palms are crossed with silver. Some terrified victims pave parted with up to £200.

Now the racket has been exposed by top clairvoyant Rosemary Price. Many frightened women have gone to see her for help. She is one of approximately only a hundred fully qualified members of the British Astrological and Psychic Society - said the wicked women turn up on doorsteps. Their first reading reveals a curse and they charge a heft sum to lift it. They are mainly foreign looking, said Rosemary. "I urge anyone approached by someone suspicious to call me before handing over their cash to them. I will be able to tell them whether the visitors are genuine or not. There is no charge for this service".  An Ilford police spokesman said they knew of some cases but many victims of con tricks were too embarrassed to admit they have been fooled. He added "When people report these incidents we can keep an eye out in the area".


Rosemary Price, the well known local clairvoyant psychic and tarot reader, is now offering acrophonology readings to her clients. This involves making calculations involving the letters in your name.  For years people locally have flocked to Ms Price to have readings by her, now there is another string to her bow!


Midweek Extra

There is a future in little black dots

Anyonewho thinks dominoes are just a game for simple minds to pay in the pub should meet Rosemary Price.  In the 26 year old's hands these little black dots on white slabs can determine not just who is going to buy the next round but your whole life ahead.  Predictions about the future come in many strange ways. There's tea leaf reading and the well known habits of staring into crystal balls, palms, cards or heavenly bodies to read characters and prospects. But when Ms Price discovered quite by accident she had inherited a psychic gift from hermother she chose to become Britain's one and only cleromancer - and read the future in dominoes. She is the only person in the country qualified to do it.

She even does it by post.  She taught herself cleromancy by trial and error.


The future? It's all in the dominoes

Fortune teller Rosemary Price has added a new dimension to her glimpse into the future by becoming the only qualified cleromancer in the country.   She helps people.

Rosemary said she sometimes gets opposition from religious maniacs who say she is sinning but I am helping people. "I do not approach people, they come to me when they want help."


This lady was written by Ms Price and published in various local newspapers.


I am becoming increasingly alarmed at reports of amateurs dabbling in psychic practices. They are, perhaps unintentionally and unknowingly, extremely harmful to themselves and others. A pack of cards in the wrong hands is as dangerous as a car driven by a drunk.

As a properly qualified psychic with many years of experienced I would like to warn readers not to treat these serious arts as a game. If they believe, rightly or wrongly, themselves to be psychic have they the dedication to study for years? Even if the basic utility is there it needs intelligent nurturing and masses of understanding, broadmindedness, commmon sense, knowledge of life and people. Confused, unrealistic worries could never succeed.

This especially applies to seances where not only can you receive ridiculous messages but unless a highly experienced medium is in chartge there is a high likelihood that you lose control copletely by not being adequately protected. I have heard and seen enoujgh to har the sale of ouija boards if possible. If and when you next seek a clairvoyant to consult it is as important to choose a reader you feel on the same wavelengtth with as one who is good and offers the particular services you need.

There are many forms of divination - each helping in a distinct way. One method may be excellent for health, another will be best for business, travel, children, career choices etc. A good reader will offer a choice of several methods, explaining the fors and againsts of each and ensuring that one can truly help the would be client. If readers visit a so called psychic who promises to remove bad luck with magic for huge sums of money they should report them to the police for fraud.

There are various qualifications you can look for when next making a booking. PASS - Psychic and Allied Sciences    BAPS - British Astrological and Psychic Society  BTS British Tarot Society  NFSH National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Please do not consult an unqualified person,you will regret it.

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Rosemary Price, Consultant and Expert Examiner for BAPS - British Astrological and Psychic Society.