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A Love Letter

I wonder how many of you can remember ever receiving a love letter? It is so much nicer than getting emails and text messages or being asked to skype or video chat and relying on phones which seem to be so distant yet so close, and one of the wonders of them is that you can keep your letters and reread them when you are an old age pensioner, perhaps also grandma, remembering when men thought you were very sexy, gorgeous,  beautiful and attractive!

Why do people write them to their partners or lovers or those they want  and how do you write a good one?  The wanting to is easy the being able to do it well not so easy.  Women who wite to their partner in prison are experts because they know that their relationship sinks or swims based on those.Or do they? A lot of the women I have spoken to who have been in this sort of situation have been insecure and needy and they choose a person in prison because the person in prison needs them more than a man who is free does.  They want someone who is in that sort of situation so that they do not have any fear of being dumped. So long as they write good letters, send them money and stamps and tell them what they want to hear they cannot go wrong because the prisoner is desperate for anything they can get company wise and gift wise.  What they send has to make up for not being able to be there together in the flesh like proper couples and keep their partner going when he is worried, lonely and having problems.

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A psychic clacton on sea can tell you a lot about why things went wrong,  what could put them right,  how to go about it, but it is very rare that I have suggested to a client that writing a long letter pouring their heart out to them guy is the best thing to do - and the same would be the case of it were texts or emails. The best web clairvoyant usually done through email psychic readings can help people to understand each other better but this only works and is productive if the client cares about what the other person thinks and feels  about a love affair.

The very best of the love letters would be written on the very best  paper or parchment, maybe handmade,  the letter must be hand written, not typed or printed and it must be romantic, not frivolous, laid back or witty. There again how many people actually get  letters at all these days let alone on the very best of paper? There may be little extras like it being scented nicely with the best perfume but the main thing is the words themselves which must be caring, loving, perhaps sexy, but very intimate between the two people. If the guy is in prison it may also talk about sex a lot or trying to get him to escape or waiting for him until he is released. Things that comfort the pair of them. It is usually women who write loving letters to their other person and generally speaking women are better at it than men  because they are able to spill out how they feel and want to talk about their feelings.Females are more wordy, emotional,. thinking, intense than the average guy. A crystal ball reading is a good idea when you are thinking of trying to get your ex back, because it can make you stop and think and give you information about how they feel and think that helps you decide what is best.

Any woman who is wanting to persuade their man that they love him would find it very difficult to think of another way of doing this. Expensive gifts, a home cooked meal, sex, none of them tell a man about feelings in the same way. Though if the man is not really keen on a long term or serious relationship with her he may well prefer the sex to the letter. Because he has no feelings for her he does not care what her feelings are for him.  Some women try to use such communication, texts or emails as a way to manipulate a man into returning to them or being with them when it is not the best thing to do and it may well be the worst thing to do. Women tend to do this when they get desperate to get their man back no matter what with no thought to what has already happened or what could happen in the future as a result of it all.  So it is quite common for a woman who has been dumped to write to her ex and talk to him as if they are still together, sort of pretending that the splitting up bit did not happen or playing it down.  I get the same things with women who consult me for accurate psychic readings online telling me that they need to know when the man will return  - it  never enters their head that it really is finished and when it is finished it is about if not when and the man has a choice and is entitled to stick to his decision and not return. 

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If your guy has cheated on you or left you racing after him or throwing yourself at him and telling him how much you wish he was with you is not a sensible way to go about it.. You cannot just forgive  what happened and you should work out WHY it happened before even deciding whether or not you want to get back with him. Telling a guy you forgive him no matter what gives him permission to treat you badly in the future.  He will know that you do not respect yourself and will always give in, which makes life far too easy for him and also means that he will lose respect and then interested in you - any good advice columnist, agony aunt or clairvoyant psychic medium, numerologist, astrologer, palmist or crystal ball gazer will tell you that. More to read - all about adultery , 

When both of the people in  a relationship are happy with each other then maybe it is the right time to show each other love in these ways, otherwise they are not really honest and more out of desperation than love. But when a woman only writes to her man because she wants him to tell her how much he loves her  and her letter to him is a way to say I love you now tell me you love me too then it all goes wrong. A woman who prods her man to say his feelings is either needing therapy or with the wrong guy. Sorry if this sounds harsh and sorry if this annoys you because you do this yourself, but that is the truth. A woman who is sure of herself would not need constant reassurance and would realise that continually pushing, prodding, asking for reassurance or sulking actually pushes the man away.

A love letter

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