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Rosemary Price newspaper and magazine articles

By popular request we have put together a large collection of newspaper and magazine quotes about Rosemary Price the famous psychic clairvoyant medium and tarot reader...

We would have liked to be able to take photographs of actual cuttings and show them to you, as most of them are about forty years old, very frail, difficult to read, falling to pieces etc,  that was not practical, and we have had to go back to the various newspapers and magazines for verification of some of the cuttings to make sure we post them word perfect.  In total there are at least 300 newspaper articles about Rosemary Price which are supporting, praising and recommending her. It is impossible to post them all here and very often many are similar just by a different journalist or reporter for a different newspaper.

Please bear in mind that many years ago when Rosemary first started out working as a full time psychic technology was different, the clairvoyant business was different.  Most people went to see a person face to face then,  there were no websites and computers, no hotlines.  It took a lot to get the interest of a newspaper or magazine and then they would want to come and see you for a long interview. This happened to Rosemary over and over again with it leading to word of her spreading further afield and then getting celebrity clients as well as the normal every day people she was used to.  She was also then being offered work on radio, television and stage, she turned all of that down.

Out of hundreds of interviews and articles about Ms Price there were no negative or critical one. These articles were all written by strangers to her, sometimes a budding journalist eager to find fault so that he or she could get a juicer story.   Some wanted to test Rosemary Price to prove she was yet another fake, deluded person, mentally ill or charlatan, and then were upset and disappointed when this failed and they had to leave it or write up a flattering and positive article instead.  If the journalist wanted to test her, sometimes simply because they fancied a reading without paying for it, she eagerly obliged, and in every case the journalist was very pleased with what she told them. Ms Price often refused to do articles, but only because she was so busy and would had to disappoint a lot of her clients if she agreed to them - these included the DAILY MAIL national newspaper in the UK.

Previous to this Rosemary Price had wanted confirmation that she really was good at predictions, the future, insight, answering questions and helping people with the tarot cards etc so to be sure that it was not delusion or wishful thinking  on her part she asked The British Astrological and Psychic Society to thoroughly test her. This process took months and eventually led to them wanting to add her to their list of accepted psychics who advertise on their list.  Rosemary chose to say thank you but no thanks for this idea as she preferred to work alone - she still does all these years later.

The only article which was at all negative towards her was finding fault because she charged for her sessions.   The same journalist had already written up a lot of glowing articles about her work,  knew she was single with no man to support her financially and knew she worked full time as a clairvoyant, it would not be possible to work for free and it would have been very stupid to give up a well paid career to do so.  It was ridiculous that that same journalist did not find fault with any of the other psychics who charged - even though they were working part time and only doing it as a hobby and had a man suppport them.    So you may ask why was this written?  The journalist had asked Rosemary Price to do an indepth interview about her private life,  something she did not want to do. She did not see how it was the business of her clients and it was not safe to give out information about herself to a lot of strangers who came to her home and would then know her address. She had had some very odd people come to see her for readings, some were mentally ill, some were guys who got it into their head they would date her and be very demanding about it, some very pushy, some on drugs or drinking problems, some threatening.

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Ms Price was one of just two children who passed their 11+ intelligence tests at school, two out of hundreds, she studied and learnt and passed examinations and studied, trained and passed examinations to be a therapist,  gave up a very well paid career with all the trimmings - pension, holidays, sick pay, guaranteed regular easy hours and all the rest to become a full time clairvoyant instead. She made an enormous sacrifice financially and from the point of peace of mind with her future. So it was ridiculous to suggest she was only doing clairvoyance to gain money and somehow greedy with ulterior motives. It was quite the opposite. Her wanting to help people by using her clairvoyance was so genuine she insisted experts test her thoroughly to make sure she was good at it and she gave up a promising career and good income to do it.

For a long time she worked alone doing face to face readings  (it was illegal to take credit card payments for readings because they were not solid objects, intangible, no way of proving the service had been performed). Until her bank told her that the law was changing and now it was legal to take credit card payments for services.  Nobody had ever done this before.  Ms Rosemary Price set up the very first psychic hotline.  The trouble with that is that everyone wanted to ring her and speak to her instantly all hours day and night and this was only possible if she personally never left the premises, never slept, never ate, never did anything other than be glued to the phone.   People had heard about how good she was so she was flooded with people wanting consultations with her, but she simply could not - and why would she want to?  - be available 24 7 with nothing else in her life and no rest. Rosemary had to get people to work for her helping her, this meant advertising and testing all of the people who applied for a job to make sure they were genuine.  She was aghast to find that about 95% had never done a reading before and had no idea of how to do one, they were simply drawn to the idea of working from home, good wages, flexible hours, just chatting, with no thought to how wrong it was to lie and pretend to be clairvoyant. They only thought of themselves. This horrified Ms Price.

Of course most of the callers wanted Rosemary Price and expected to be able to speak to her instantly even if it was her day off or the middle of the night. Hence if they wanted an instant reading they had to choose between an instant with one of her helpers or making an appointment to speak to her when it suited her.  It was, of course, also much cheaper to speak to one of her helpers and some wanted the cheapest consultations.  But as Ms Price had put so much time, skill and effort into checking out her staff they had an excellent session.

She is horrified to see so many hotlines now where just anyone can sign on with them or just anyone who is good at keeping people on the phone rather than someone who is a true clairvoyant and has a real way with people.  Many of those people work for hotlines that also service men for sex chat and the woman is doing sex chat Monday and pretending to be clairvoyant Tuesday. It is all wrong.

All these years later the law is the same. You can take payments for services which are unproveable if they trust you. You must prove yourself to them before they do.  It is the same with pay pal.  This is why so many of the fakes and amateurs only do face to face sittings. They are not able to get permission to take credit cards and cannot do email and phone readings.  Other fakes and amateurs work on the hotlines that also do sex chat and do not care how accurate the staff are.  But there again they pay terrible wages so they cannot afford to be picky.

Always remember that you will never get a good reading on a hotline because nobody who is any good would ever be reduced to sitting by the phone hoping it rings - especially weekends and night times - or working that cheaply.  A good reader can work by appointment and walk away from the phone inbetween.

Nowadays all of her work is done by email and phone.  She is not interested in having people come to see her face to face. It does not help the actual reading at all, the connection is not better, she gains nothing from it from the point of view of the consultation being clearer or more in depth or more accurate.

But there were many downsides to it being face to face.

From her point of view it was dangerous and time consuming, a lot of hassle.

Ms Rosemary Price psychic had had some very odd people come to see her for readings, some mentally ill,  guys who got it into their head they would date her and be very demanding about it, some very pushy, some on drugs or drinking problems, some threatening. It could be quite scary at times.   One lady had turned into a stalker and became very abusive and difficult for months - and all because she got it into her head that it was Rosemary's fault that her mother had died years ago, despite the fact she had never even spoken to or knew Rosemary years ago!

Then there were clients who thought it fine to make an appoinmtent but turn up hours before or after the arranged time - ignoring it was breaking the appointment and inconvenient at the other time. 

There were also clients who thought they could bring their little baby with them and take ages over the reading with visits to the toilet, changing a nappy and all the rest.  Or turning up with half a dozen family members and friends, with no thought to how this would be very distracting and unsafe for Ms Price to let six strangers in at a time.

We still get people email us asking if they can come along for a session instead of having a phone or email reading and guess what - they are usually men and they usually say something like 

"well I might find that she is quite attractive and want to go to bed with her, I will  bring condoms with me so that I can if I want to". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are also men who do not understand that there are serious and genuine clairvoyants and it is not some code or cover for sex work or loose women. When Rosemary Price psychic was young and had to do all of her consultations face to face she often had men offering her extra for sex, she found it very insulting and obviously said no. A lot of the men who phoned about a booking would ask if she had big boobs or long legs or blonde hair!   Many seemed to think it was some sort of cover for a massage parlour. It was worse if they made a booking for a tarot reading and turned up and then got all nasty and stroppy when they found out when they got there that the advertisement was genuine.  Some would get angry and not want to take no for an answer. That is very scary when you are alone with someone. One tried to rape her and roughed her up. Two tried to rob her and one succeeded.

It is no good suggesting that she have someone there with her all day to make sure she is safe. She would then have to find someone who is happy to just sit around all day bored and pay them a lot of money for all of that time. They would have to give up a proper paid job to be there all that time.  That would mean putting prices up a lot. Then people would complain it is too expensive.  But you would still have the other hassles and problems that come with face to face sittings.

Sometimes a client would travel a long way to come to see her - even though she could have done their session by phone instead - but then they expected hours and hours and cups of coffee for ages even if they had only booked a very short session and Rosemary Price psychic was very busy.  They would never expect a solicitor, lawyer or accountant to give them three hours for the price of half an hour but here again they wanted the professional guaranteed accurate service with lots of amateurish advantages.

It is exhausting for a clairvoyant to do one reading after another and it is not practical for her to set aside hours for each person and every day for a new person.

For years Rosemary worked for a newspaper in Wales writing articles for them, she had a whole page each week. She now turns down such work, same with television, radio and stage work.

Ms Price is now in her 60s and has devoted many years to doing readings. Many women of her age have never worked full time let alone for decades.  Most women in their 60s do not work full time.  Even tarot card readers and psychics like to have time for themselves, their loved ones and a slower gentler more normal life.  She should not have to risk being insulted or attacked or harrassed and all of that hassle now, nor should she have to have an enormous dog by her side and worry every time she opens the front door.

On the one hand some of her clients wanted her to be very professional and available but when it suited them they also wanted her to be very amateurish... available at five minutes notice at midnight or weekends when she had already devoted the weekdays to work and needed a break. As if she was a machine instead of a human, with no need to eat, wash, sleep, relax, laugh and see friends and family or go out. Some would ring her in the middle of the night and then  ring her again in the morning shouting abuse at her because she had the cheek to be sleeping at 3 am when they wanted to speak to her. Very often these were people who also had no intention of paying.

Part of the problem here is that 99% of so called clairvoyants only do it very part time as a hobby, so people could not grasp that Ms Rosemary Price psychic actually had appointment slots some days and closed at other times. They were used to amateurs who were desperate to get any booking at any time at any price, falling over themselves to say yes because they would not get any other bookings for ages!  In some cases people have this idea that it is somehow doing the psychic a favour to allow them to read for them and help them and they should be grateful if they are working non stop and never have a moment for anything else, because their only pleasure in life should be helping others or if they do not grab this opportunity to help this person or earn a few pounds now they will have to wait ages for another chance, none of which applied to Ms Price, who had a waiting list and set hours. She had to or it would have totally taken over her life.

i.e. a very famous across who was appearing on the West End stage in the lead role and had been on television many times phoned her for a telephone consultation insisting she could not give her credit card details or pay anything as she was "sorry too skint".  Needless to say this "skint" famous rich actress did not get her free phone reading.

BUT from the clients' points of view it made far more sense to arrange to speak to Ms Rosemary Price psychic on the phone rather than travel to see her. That way they did not have to worry about paying out for petrol or fares, extra time going back and forth,  traffic hold ups and the weather.  They saved themselves a lot of money and time and it was assured that their consultation would start and end at the arranged time without a hitch.

Nowadays most of Rosemary 's clients live in Australia, Canada, USA and so far away it would be ridiculous to suggest they come along. But most of them prefer email sessions to phone sessions,usually because they prefer not to have to worry about marrying up their times with ours due to the large time differences. It might mean them having to stay up all night to be able to speak to Ms Price.

As far as we are concerned a genuine person who genuinely wants a psychic reading and not something else would be happy to have that done by email or phone and it is fishy if they insist they must be there in person with her.

You cannot use the excuse that maybe they believe that it is not possible to do good email or phone readings and clairvoyance only works face to face.  If that were true then they would shun any clairvoyant who says that is not so and email and phone readings are fine. 

Now and then she hears about how someone is considering coming to see her if she does a free sample, or a half price special or sees them at midnight on a sunday or instantly today, they all forget that Rosemary has done many years of seeing people face to face and is not interested in doing that anymore.  Even if they were to treat it in a respectful and professional manner and offer to make a proper appointment for normal hours at the normal fair price the answer would be no. She has clients who live just a few minutes from where she is and she still insists it is email and phone because it is less problematic, less hassle and safer.

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